One Piece: 8 Hidden References To Other Anime

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One Piece has loads of fun anime references that might’ve gone unseen.

With regards to manga and anime arrangement, it seems like nobody is liberated from in the end referring to different bits of media whether it’s essentially a whoop or a reference because of motivation. This is the situation in the magnum opus anime and manga arrangement by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece, which is an arrangement so enormous that it is brimming with references to various bits of media including mainstream society symbols, exemplary writing, and obviously other anime and manga.

It’s very clear that One Piece is at the highest point of the world right currently however even the greatest arrangement contains references to its kin manga arrangement and those that preceded it. Large numbers of the references in the arrangement aren’t promptly self-evident and on occasion come covered up as opposed to showing up arbitrarily for a fast gag.

8. Katakuri’s Ability Makes Him A Walking JoJo’s Reference

Quite possibly the most famous peculiarities that came from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure arrangement began in Part 2, Battle Tendency, with the second primary Joestar, Joseph Joestar. Numerous fans will consistently recall him and his expression, “And your next line is….” that he would circle back to a total forecast of what his adversary would say.

One of the adversaries of One Piece, Charlotte Katakuri, has a capacity that permits him to see the future and anticipate what his rival says. This outcomes in him in any event, citing the exemplary Joseph Joestar forecast express. The anime even highlights Joseph’s voice entertainer as his voice in the Japanese name.

7. Luffy’s Name Is A Reference To Goku

The maker of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, has never dreaded sharing that one of his most prominent manga motivations is the incredible Dragon Ball arrangement. This obviously brought about huge loads of references to the exemplary arrangement many call the dad of the shonen class.

One of those references is a not-so-unpretentious gesture to the primary character of the Dragon Ball arrangement, Goku. This reference is in all honesty the primary character of One Piece’s name, Monkey D. Luffy. The Monkey family name of this nominal character is a whoop to Goku because of his monkey roots with the character who enlivened him, the Monkey King of Journey toward the West.

6. The King Of The Sea References An Iconic Dragon Ball Move

Discussing Dragon Ball references, one of them shows up in a spot nobody would anticipate. Profound into the arrangement during the underlying journey into the Red Line post-time-skip, the work of art and most famous uncommon move of the Dragon Ball arrangement springs up.

This unique move that is utilized is the Kamehameha method and it comes from the lord of Fishman Island, Neptune. The assault utilized is done through similar posture as the Kamehameha and looks very much like it, however it’s finished with water and under the ocean.

5. Lao G Is Reminiscent Of Classic Master Roshi

One of the individuals from the Donquixote Family is an elderly person who actually has a portion of his hand to hand fighting ability to appear. This elderly person is uncovered and even comes total with a long facial hair growth, kind of looking like a more insidious Master Roshi.

This isn’t the place where the undeniable motivations end, in any case. Similar as Master Roshi: the Turtle Hermit, Lao G has an uncommon move that to a great extent expands his bulk. Numerous Dragon Ball fans will immediately consider Master Roshi’s Max Power procedure that permits him to do likewise regardless of his old appearance.

4. Duval Of The Flying Fish Bikers Parodys Fist Of The North Star

“Iron Mask” Duval shows up in the arrangement similar as the bikers of Fist of the North Star. He utilizes a lance weapon and raises his body’s scars while pursuing “the one who sent him to damnation.”

After at last uncovering his plot and aspirations alongside his connection and newly discovered disdain of the Straw Hat, “Dark Leg” Sanji, it’s not difficult to see that the character was a tremendous farce on the Fist of the North Star lowlife, Jagi, who wears a comparable veil and clothing.

3. Whitebeard’s Mustache References The Mustache Gundam

Perhaps the most mainstream Gundam in the sum of the Mobile Suit Series is the System ∀-99 ∀ Gundam, otherwise known as the “Turn A,” “White Doll,” or “Mustache” Gundam. This notoriety isn’t only because of its force and incredible arrangement however its eccentric look and mechanical mustache.

The plan of this exemplary versatile suit’s mustache is shared by perhaps the most persuasive privateers in the One Piece arrangement, Whitebeard, whose mustache is almost indistinguishable.

2. Of Course, Franky References The Anime Dancougar

One reference that could go to various mecha anime has a place with Franky, as he drove the Straw Hats in the mech-like docking and consolidating arrangement during the fight against Oars in the Thriller Bark bend.

During this fight, Franky yells, “Yatte Yaruze!” which is a reference to one of his voice entertainer’s most famous jobs in the mecha anime, Dancougar.

  1. Luffy’s Actions Reference Goku As Well

No Dragon Ball fan has neglected Goku’s famous appearance when he originally experienced Nappa and Vegeta. Rather than quickly battling the malicious Saiyans he strolled directly past them and minded his fallen companions all things being equal.

A reference to this scene comes when Luffy at last experiences Big Mom and Kaido sitting tight for him. Rather than bouncing directly into the battle with two Emperors of the Sea, he passes directly by them and keeps an eye on his new partners who were crushed, the Akazaya Nine.

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