Minori Suzuki to release a new single, ‘Saihate.’

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In July, I was met with only colossal success around the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka the <Minori Suzuki 2nd LIVE TOUR 2021 ~ Make My Story! In Tokyo performances and live delivery, Minori Suzuki is, on November 10 (Wed), The new single “Saihate” will be released.

This fifth single is the ending theme of the TV anime “Fena: Pirate Princess,” which will start airing in October. It is a rock sound with dramatic music development. The emotional vocal line stands out, making it a masterpiece where you can fully enjoy Suzuki’s range of expressiveness and voice components.

Also, in the coupling song “Linaria,” I tried to compose for the first time. In collaboration with Ryo Eguchi, who has produced and provided vocals for many artists, 23-year-old Suzuki has created a ballad song that expresses “the delicate feelings of a woman who has an unforgettable love.”

The first limited edition contains a digest video of Minori Suzuki 2nd LIVE TOUR 2020 ~ Now Is The Time! ~> Held in 2020 in a volume of over 70 minutes.

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