One week of anime: New Gunpla products at the All Japan Model Hobby Show All 78 Precure members parade in Yokohama

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“Anime Week” introduces the week’s anime news all at once. From September 24 to 30, information about the “All PreCure Parade 2023” and the “61st All Japan Model Hobby Show” attracted attention.

On September 24, the “All PreCure Parade 2023” was held in Yokohama to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the popular anime “PreCure” series. 78 Pretty Cure members from all 20 TV anime series, from the first series, “Futari wa PreCure,” to the currently airing 20th series, “Hirogaru Sky! PreCure”, gathered for a parade in Yokohama. Held at three locations: Nipponmaru Memorial Park, Nihon Odori Street, and Yokohama Chinatown, 78 Pretty Cure members divided into teams and paraded, and at the end, all PreCure gathered at Kannai Hall for the finale.

On the 24th, it was announced that the third season of the TV anime “Shinigami Bochan to Kuro Maid,” which is based on Inoue’s manga serialized on the web manga service “Sunday Webli” (Shogakukan), has been produced and will be broadcast in 2024. I understand. The third season will depict the story up to the conclusion of the original work.

On the 26th, it was announced that the fifth series of the TV anime “Kingdom,” based on Yasuhisa Hara’s popular manga, will be broadcast on NHK General TV from midnight on January 6, 2024. The fifth series depicts the battle between the Qin army and the Zhao army over Black Sheep Hill, with visuals of the Huan Cavalry, a band of bandits led by Huan Ki, who was appointed general at the battle of Black Sheep Hill. Was published.

On the 26th, the setting images of eight new characters appearing in the movie “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM,” which is an entirely new version of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” from the popular anime “Gundam” series, were released, and the cast was also announced.

The new characters wear standard uniforms, but details are unknown. Yukari Tamura as Aura Maha Khyber, Hiro Shimono as Orpheus Ram Tao, Yuichi Nakamura as Shura Serpentine, Sumire Uesaka as Ingrid Torador, Misato Fukuen as Liderard Torador, It was also announced that Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, who will play Daniel Halper, and Kentaro Tone, who will play Liu Shengqian, will also appear. The cast of the character Griffin Alvarest is said to be “???” and has not been announced.

On the 26th, it was announced that the light novel A New Old Man Adventurer, Trained to Death by the Strongest Party and Becomes Invincible”, created by the novel posting site Become a Novelist”, will be made into a TV anime in 2024. The film will be directed by Shin Katagai and produced by Yumeta Company. It was also announced that Takuya Sato will play the role of Rick Gladiator, a “novice old adventurer.”

On the 27th, the new original anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Tensura),” which was created from the famous light novel “Let’s Become a Novelist,” will be released on November 1. It was learned that it will be streamed on YouTube at midnight on Sunday. All three episodes will be distributed at once.

On the 29th, it was announced that the new anime series of the popular fighting manga “Kinnikuman” will be called “Perfect Choujin Ancestor Edition” and broadcast as a TV anime in 2024.
“Perfect Superhuman Ancestor Arc” is a famous episode that continues “Kinniku Star Throne Contest Arc”, directed by Yo Sato and produced by Production IG. Makoto Fukami will be in charge of series composition, Hirotaka Marufuji will be in charge of character design, and Yasuharu Takanashi will be in order of music.

On the 29th, a special exhibition titled “Sacred Warrior Dunbine 40th Anniversary Exhibition ~ Appearance Above Shibuya ~” commemorating the 40th anniversary of the broadcast of the popular anime “Sacred Warrior Dunbine” began at the Seibu Shibuya Store Movida Building (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo). This is the first time a special exhibition of “Sacred Warrior Dunbine” will be held independently. Valuable materials, toys, etc., will be displayed until October 22.

On the 29th, the 61st All Japan Model Hobby Show opened at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto Ward, Tokyo). At the Bandai Spirits booth, new plastic models (Gunpla) from the popular anime “Gundam” series were announced until October 1.

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