Miumi Tanaka, Tomoyo Kurosawa, and Ayahi Takagaki appear in PAWORKS’ work animation ‘Akiba Meido Sensen.’ This PV is also released.

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The promotional video for the original TV anime ” Akiba Meido Sensen ” has been released, and new appearances by Minami Tanaka, Tomoyo Kurosawa, and Ayahi Takagaki have been revealed. At the same time, broadcast information and critical visuals will be released, and advance screenings will be held.

The work is a work animation set in Akihabara in 1999 by Cygames and PAWORKS. Nagomi Wahira (CV: Rena Kondo ), a girl who came to Akihabara dreaming of becoming a maid, and Arashiko Mannen ( Rina Sato ), a newcomer who is a former maid who works at the maid cafe “Tontokoton,” also known as “Pig Hut.” Draw a slapstick daily life by us.

In this PV, not only Nagomi and Arashiko, but also Yumechi, an ace maid with twin tails working at “Ton Tokoton,” Shipon, a friendly gal maid, a natural troublemaker and useless manager, and a panda costume. In addition, Okachimachi, the mascot of the store wearing a kimono, also appeared. The maid piglets serve the masters and princesses to become splendid Iberian pigs.

Tanaka plays Yumechi, Kurosawa plays Shippon, and Takagaki plays the store manager. The character voices of the three characters are recorded in this PV, and the cast that plays Okachimachi has not yet been revealed. However, Kurosawa, who plays Shipon, looked back on the recording, saying, “We started recording the work without knowing anything about the story, and while I was surprised every week, the post-recording I spent at Gyarumind was a lot of fun.”

Before the leading broadcast, a pre-screening event will be held on September 18th at TOHO Cinemas Ueno, Tokyo. On the event day, in addition to the screening of episodes 1 and 2, a talk show was held with Kondo, Sato, Tanaka, and director Soichi Masui. Tissues will also be distributed. Furthermore, advance lottery sales applications for tickets will be accepted at Ticket Pia until 11:00 am on September 1st, and general sales will begin at 10:00 am on September 8th. The price is 2500 yen.

” Akiba Meido Sensen ” will start at midnight on October 6th on TOKYO MX, BS11, KBS Kyoto, and Sun TV. Distribution will also begin at ABEMA on October 6th at midnight, d anime store from midnight on the 9th, and Bandai Channel, Hulu, U-NEXT, etc. from midnight on the 12th.

Additional cast members Tanaka, Kurosawa, Takagaki, and character designer and animation director Manabu Nii commented below.

[ Mimi Tanaka (role of Yumechi)]

I will be in charge of Yumechi’s CV!
When I saw her at the audition, Yumechi was the cute and professional ace maid! It’s Moe Moe Kyun.
I hope you can look forward to what kind of appearance you will show as Nagomi’s senior!
Work animation, Akiba brutal war.
Please watch, think, and feel!!
I would like to have fun together with everyone.

[ Tomoyo Kurosawa (role of Shipon)]

When I heard about the audition and saw Shipon’s character design for the first time, I thought, “I want to do it.”
I love the gyaru mind.

The recording of the work started without knowing anything about the story, and although I was surprised every week, the post-recording I spent at Gyarumind was a lot of fun.
Please look forward to what kind of story awaits!

[ Ayahi Takagaki (role of store manager)]

Although it is an essential position as a store manager, there is also a troublemaker side because of its personality.
But he’s a lovely person that I can’t hate, so I fell in love with him when I auditioned, and I could freely and happily go to work.
I’m thrilled to have a chance to meet with PAWORKS, who I personally love, for a challenging new work animation!
I think that meeting with this work will surely be a shocking thing for everyone.
Be prepared… look forward to episode 1♪

[ Manabu Nii (character design/general drawing director)]
A maid anime set in Akihabara.
This classic feeling and the undeniable sense of contradiction that comes from the slogan of “moe and violence”… For
For the time being, I was invited by saying, “I can draw a lot of cute maids!”
I never thought I would get involved in something like this… (laughs)
I hope you enjoy it, including the confusion.
Nice to meet you, Desu!

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