Work comedy anime ‘Young Girl President’ 2nd season, early spring 23 Ikumi Hasegawa, Yui Ogura, Akio Otsuka will newly appear

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It has been decided that the second WEB animation, ” Youjo President R, “based on the popular manga ” Youjo President ” by Odeko Fujii, will be distributed in early spring 2023. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Ikumi Hasegawa, Yui Ogura, and Akio Otsuka will appear.

The key visual and preceding cuts have also been released, revealing that Arisa Sonohara would sing the opening theme song. The ending theme song will be sung by Najimu Rokushina (CV: Rina Hidaka ) & “Neko Hacker.”

The work is a web animation of the work comedy manga published by KADOKAWA. A very ordinary 5-year-old child, Mujina, is set in the “Mujina Company,” where he is the president. ) Draws a slapstick daily life with unique employees such as Mayu Warito ( Hisako Kanemoto ), a regular employee who plays the role of Tsukkomi. The first period will be distributed on the official website, Twitter, and various video distribution sites on January 21, and the original book is on sale up to volume 3.

Hasegawa is in charge of Yoshine Budo, a new employee who has been seconded from Kitsune Trading, and Ogura is in order of RAU Okano, a child actor. The latter has come to receive a commercial for Mujina Company. Otsuka plays Hamaoka Mugaku, a gourmet who has been seen somewhere. In addition to Hidaka, Kanemoto, Uesaka, and Kaneko, Chinami Hashimoto, who plays the role of Riya Motohashi, and Aoi Koga, who plays the role of Nowani, will continue to be cast. Furthermore, a new character named Dokutakomaru, who is half-human and belongs to the sales department, has also been released.

The title of the opening theme song sung by Sonohara is “Narase! Familiar Symphony”, and the ending theme song is “Oh Hi Me Sa Ma!” After that, the unit “Neko Hacker” sings.

Director Kazuya Iwata, series composition by Satoru Sugisawa, and character design by Kanade Watanabe will continue from the first season. Animation production will continue to be done by project No9.

Also, around the spring of 2011, a Blu-ray and DVD with a mini book drawn by Mr. Fujii are scheduled to be released, and the details of the benefits will be announced later.

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