Anime ‘Tokyo 24th Ward’ Episode 7 Synopsis / Spoiler Impressions! The beliefs of each of the 24 wards that begin to change begin to run!

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An artificial island in Tokyo Bay, “Far East Lawless Special District” -an anime “Tokyo 24th Ward” where three childhood friends challenge the future, set in the so-called “24th Ward”.

It has been two months since the KANAE system started operating.

As a result, the crime clearance rate has increased.

Ran is wanted as an essential reference for the terrorist attack caused by the kunai, and Kouki is newly transferred to the department that operates the KANAE system of Gaikei.

On the other hand, Shuta, who was still confused with Kouki Ran, was helping Aoi Bakery in place of her father, Rui, who had gone to Paris for training.

An email from Kozue arrives at him, who is worried about not making the signboard menu “Golden Sunrise” well…

Episode 7 was the first in two weeks because the broadcast was postponed.

The shock was revealed in the 6th episode last time, and I am worried about the continuation.

I want to review the 7th episode of the anime “Tokyo 24th Ward” immediately.

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