Momotsuki Nashiko’s ‘Oha Suta’ Friday regular appearance was decided In Nyaoha style costume ‘Pokemon’ corner.

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Media personality Momotsuki Nashiko has decided to regularly appear on TV Tokyo’s “Oha Suta” on Fridays. She is in charge of the planning of the TV animation “Pocket Monsters” (broadcast every Friday at 6:55 pm), which she is a big fan of, in the regular corner called “Nashiko Hoteison’s! Anipoke Channel” on Fridays.

Comment from Naoko Momotsuki

Congratulations on appearing as a studio student on the TV Tokyo series “Oha Suta”!

Thank you! From the time I can remember until I graduated from high school, I watched the program with my family. I’m deeply moved because I’ve spent days like that, and it’s like a dream to be able to appear on such a favorite program live in the studio and to be able to appear as a regular on Fridays in the future.

When it was decided that she would appear on Oha Suta, she was the first to tell her mother, and her mother was just as happy as I was, saying, “Huh! After the broadcast ended, her mother contacted me, saying, “I could see it in real-time! It was so cute, and I’m looking forward to it next week!” rice field.

Please tell us how you feel about becoming a regular of “Oha Suta,” which you have watched since childhood!

Anyway, I’m happy; I’ll stick to that word. After all, I’ve been watching Oha Suta since I was little, so there was a time when I admired Oha Girls, but I was living in Aichi Prefecture then, so I gave up. However, it seems like a dream to appear as a regular on Fridays in the Pokemon corner, which I loved so much after I grow up.

You were wearing a Nyaoha costume!
That’s right! Nyaoha is the main character, Riko’s sidekick, in the new Anipoke series that started this month, so I wore a Nyaoha-style costume this time! The two of Tokyo Hoteison will wear Hogeta and Kvass-style costumes, and the three of them will liven things up together!

Finally, please say something!

Thank you for your continued support! Thanks to everyone’s support, I was able to play a role in cheering up my favorite Pokemon with my favorite Ohasta! With the two of Tokyo Hoteison, I would like to liven up the Anipoke that has entered the new series, so I hope you will enjoy watching both the morning star and the evening Anipoke!

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