20th anniversary of the anime ‘NARUTO’ broadcast next year, commemorative PV lifted Naruto and Sasuke.

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The 20th-anniversary unique digest PV, 20th-anniversary logo, and teaser visual of the TV anime “NARUTO,” which will celebrate its 20th anniversary from October next year, have been lifted.

The 20th Anniversary Special Digest PV depicts the path the two of them have taken from their childhood to the rematch in the Valley of the End, centered on Naruto and Sasuke. It is a video that makes you want to.

Naruto is a boy sitting on a swing in the teaser visual, and Naruto, who grew up splendidly and became the 7th Hokage, is drawn side by side, leading to the path that Naruto has taken from his childhood to Hokage. The result is a visual that makes you want to think about it.

The latest critical visual of “BORUTO-NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS,” currently being broadcast on TV Tokyo, is also released. With Bolt at the top, you can see salad, Mitsuki, kawaki, deer, butterflies, butterflies, inojin, iwabee, metal, and Denki all running toward a new story in a way that shows their individuality.

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