‘Mononoke Karakasa’ the Movie features male characters played by Kaji Yuki, Fukuyama Jun, Tsuda Kenjiro, and others! Latest footage unveiled

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Get ready for a new movie experience with the anime ‘Mononoke: Karakasa ‘! Set in the inner palace, this exciting film will be released on July 26, 2024. The ‘Special Trailer – Front Volume’ has just been unveiled, featuring the male characters’ voices played by Kaji Yuki, Fukuyama Jun, Hosomi Daisuke, Irino Miyu, and Tsuda Kenjiro. Don’t miss the comments from these talented voice actors!

“Mononoke” has been loved by many since it was broadcast in 2006 as an omnibus “Bakeneko,” a part of the “Ayakashi” series, and in 2007 as a TV anime series derived from that. It depicts the adventures of a mysterious man, a medicine seller, who suddenly appears when the “mystery” caused by Mononoke attacks people and who is the only one in the world who can cut and exorcise Mononoke. “Mononoke Karakasa” is a rebirth of the “Mononoke” film set in the inner palace. A completely new movie with a star-studded cast and staff, brought together by director Kenji Nakamura, the creator of the series, tells a heartbreaking yet powerful story of “salvation” that stirs the soul. The latest video, “Special Trailer – Front Volume,” has been released, and in stark contrast to the special trailer and main trailer, which were impressive for the screams and expressions of the pain of the maids, it starts with a cheerful narration by Sakashita (voiced by Daisuke Hosomi), the Hiroshikiban of the “Seven Entrances” of the inner palace.

The video introduces the male characters at a light-hearted tempo. For the first time, you can hear the voices of the star-studded cast, including Yuuki Kaji, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Hosomi, Miyu Irino, and Kenjiro Tsuda. The video also revealed the roles of the Ooku, the bureaucratic organization where the maids work, and the Omote, where the men conduct politics, as well as details of the Nanatsuguchi. This gateway connects the Ooku to the outside world. There are plenty of stunning art cuts, including the Nanatsuguchi, which features pop art such as large raccoon dogs and daruma dolls, the gorgeous door leading to the Ooku, and the mysterious underground altar that collects a large amount of water.

In addition, the existence of a festival, which is the story’s core, and the mysterious ritual the maids perform every day are also mentioned. The Ooku is bustling with preparations for a big festival called “Omochihiki,” which is held to pray for the safe delivery of a child born between the Tenshi (CV: Irino Miyu), the symbol of the shogunate and the highest rank, and his wife.

The Omochihiki, an essential duty of the Ooku maids, was supposed to take place two months ago but was postponed, and Saburomaru (CV: Kaji Yuki) and Hiraki (CV: Fukuyama Jun) were sent from Omote to investigate. Also, at the same time as the postponement, there was information that a certain maid had disappeared, and Saburomaru’s suspicions about Utayama, the head of the Ooku, were deepening. To receive the protection of “Omizu-sama,” who is worshipped in the Ooku, the maids perform a daily ritual in which they drink water drawn from a well.

The presence of Hokuto Mizoroki (CV. Kenjiro Tsuda), a man who is a priest of the “Omizu-sama” faith, is also of interest. So why was the O-mochi-hike postponed? And who was the maid who disappeared? As the mystery deepens, expectations for the main story are rising regarding how the unique male characters will be involved. The new movie version of the anime “Mononoke” set in the Ooku, “Mononoke: Karakasa,” will be released on July 26, 2024.

In addition, a bromide with a movie advance ticket is on sale at IID’s “Entertainment Print.” There are seven types of bromides (random), three of which are secret. The total price is 1,900 yen, including tax, 1,600 yen for the movie advance ticket, and 300 yen for the photo.

The content number issued after payment can be printed out by entering it into a multi-copy machine at Family Mart or Lawson (excluding some stores). Kaji Yuki as SaburomaruI has been a fan of the series ever since I was shocked by the “Bakeneko” in “Ayakashi,” the origin of this series, which aired in 2006.

It is a period drama, but it is modern, depicting monsters while also fascinating humans. Director Kenji Nakamura’s unique direction, which you will never forget once you see, is still alive and well in this film! I played Tokita Saburomaru with all my heart. Please look forward to the release! Fukuyama Jun as HiramotoI am Fukuyama Jun, who plays Hiramoto. “Mononoke” is a work I love and enjoy as a viewer, but I never thought I would be appearing in it, lol.

Moreover, I am grateful to have been allowed to play the role of Hiramoto, which is so much fun! I can hardly say much about it at this stage, but it is a worthwhile work, so please go to the theater and see it!! Hosomi Daisuke as SakashitaI am very honored to be able to participate in the long-loved work “Mononoke.” I am also grateful to be able to appear again in a work by director Nakamura, who I have worked with several times before.

I hope you will enjoy the role of Sakashita, who is in charge of guarding the Ooku but is also mischievous and charming. Irino Jiyu as TenkoA is genius and eccentric! I have been looking forward to director Nakamura Kenji’s new animation. As a member of the Nakamura team, I am thrilled to be able to participate in the work. I look forward to the animation experience only found in Mononoke! Tsuda Kenjiro as Mizoroki HokutoI is very happy to participate in a work sprinkled with the goodness of Japanese animation.

It is a beautiful work full of originality in every aspect, such as the worldview, characters, story, and picture-making. It was fun to play the mysterious character Mizoroki Hokuto in it. Please come to the theater and enter the world of Mononoke. “Mononoke Karakasa” Movie Information July 26 (Friday) Nationwide Roadshow Cast Medicine Seller: Hiroshi Kamiya Asa: Tomoyo Kurosawa Kame: Aoi Yuki Kitagawa: Kana Hanazawa Utayama: Mami Koyama Button Otomo: Haruka Tomatsu Fuki Tokita: Yoko Hikasa Awashima: Yuko Kaida Mugitani: Yukana Saburomaru: Yuki Kaji Hiramoto: Jun Fukuyama Sakashita: Daisuke Hosomi Tenko: Miyu Irino Hokuto Mizorogi: Kenjiro Tsuda Theme song “Love Sick” Aina the End (avex trax) Staff Director: Kenji Nakamura Character design: Koko Nagata Animation character design / Chief animation director: Yuichi Takahashi Art setting: Yoichi Kamiya Art director: Akira Kuramoto Yoko Saito Art supervision: Takashi Kurahashi Color design: Kunio Tsujita Visual director: Yoichi Izumitsui 3D director: Kenichi Shirai Editing: Shigeru Nishiyama Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki Music: Taku Iwasaki Producers: Kimiaki Sato, Yuki Sudo Planning and Producer: Koji Yamamoto Distribution: Twin Engine Giggly Box Production: Twin Engine EOTA (C) Twin Engine

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