Ojarumaru, Rainy Day ‘It’s a Late Night Anime’ At 3:00 am, the time was changed, and the internet was noisy.

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NHK E-Tele’s popular anime “Ojarumaru” will broadcast a unique program to commemorate the 25th anniversary at 3:00 am on March 30, 2022. The broadcast date and time have been changed due to a selected high school baseball postponement.

In response to the late-night broadcast, surprises such as “laughing at the stone” are spreading on the Internet.

NHK Anime Official Twitter announced on the 26th that the broadcast date and time of the unique program “Ojarumaru 25 Years Special” will be changed. It is said that the game of the 94th Selected High School Baseball Tournament, which is being broadcast on E-Tele, was postponed due to the expectation of bad weather.

The animation’s start time will change from 9:00 am on the 28th to 3:07 am on the 30th. The tweet also says, “We are considering rebroadcasting in April.”

A 30-minute new animation, “Heianchou Origami Decisive Battle”, will be released in the program. It is said that the 17-year-old Ojarumaru “Ojarumaru 17 (Seventeen)”, who has grown into a beautiful young man, will reappear for the first time in six years.

On the 29th, a tweet was announced with a sweat emoji saying, “It’s a late-night anime”. We also recommend viewing recording and distribution services.

The change in the date and time was announced on the telop display even during the high school baseball broadcast, and the surprise spread to the late-night broadcast.

On Twitter, there are voices such as “It’s different from Ojarumaru that I know”, “I laughed that Ojarumaru is a late-night anime”, “Is it sane at 3 o’clock? In the middle of the night on weekdays !?”

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