‘Four people tell a lie’ PV & visual released; character voices and opening theme song ‘Eclipse’ unveiled

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It has been decided that the broadcast and distribution of ” Four People Tell a Lie ” will start on October 15th, and this promotional video and this visual have been released.

The work is an animation of a school comedy manga serialized by Madoka Kashihara in “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” (published by Kodansha) in 2020. At first glance, he is an ordinary second-year junior high school student. Still, he is an alien Rikka (CV: Chiemi Tanaka ), a ninja Chiyo ( Natsumi Murakami ), a psychic Sekine ( Ayane Sakura ), and a transvestite boy Tsubasa ( Megumi Han ). However, it depicts the daily life of four people who hide their secrets by lying to each other.

Broadcasting will start on October 15th within the 24 ABC TV / TV Asahi affiliated network “amazing!!! frame” (beginning at 2:00 midnight). ABEMA and others will do distribution.

This PV starts with a narration by Hochu Otsuka, the voices of the four main characters, and the sound source of the opening theme song ” Eclipse,” sung by the unit “NACHERRY,” consisting of the main casts Tanaka and Murakami are unveiled for the first time. Then, you can hear the voices of the hearts of the four people living in school while hiding their identities from each other. And they are good friends, but they plan to keep their identities hidden from each other.

This visual illustrates the four of them going home from school while eating ice cream, and the voices of their hearts are also visualized here, and a UFO pierces the school building.

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