‘Mr. Tsukuru’ Reproduce the weapons of anime and manga with cardboard.

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The YouTube channel of Tsukuru-san, a craft creator who announces cardboard work, is gaining popularity. Tsukuru reproduces weapons such as anime, manga, and games on cardboard. Don’t despise it because it’s cardboard. Is this cardboard, such as modeling with attention to detail, gimmicks such as deformation and firing? ?? And released works of fantastic quality one after another. Every time I announce a work, SNS is filled with acclaimed voices such as “It’s too amazing!” And “Genius.” It is also talked about “formalization” such as having a serialization “Tsukuru-san reproduces his jumping weapon” on the website “V Jump Play β” that sends information such as Shueisha’s manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” “V Jump.” It has become. How is high-quality corrugated board work born? I hit Tsukuru-san directly and approached “craftsmanship.”

The reason is a child, so it’s clumsy! ??

On Tsukuru-san’s YouTube channel, it seems that he made it from cardboard, such as the duel disc of “Yu-Gi-Oh” with a deployment gimmick, the arc moon of the glowing “World Trigger,” and the sunflower sword of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” that can be pulled out. Some works that are not available are open to the public. The paper pattern is also open to the public, and it takes time and energy, but if you try to do it, you can imitate it. Why did you try to work with cardboard in the first place?

“I made a YouTube channel in 2017 and started working on cardboard around the same time. I was working for a company and had cardboard to dispose of in the warehouse at that time. When I made a shovel car for this purpose, I was pleased. I thought it would be interesting to send this out. In the beginning, I made a simple one for children, but it sounds. When I tried to make a weapon of “Monster Hunter” without flying, there was a significant response from home and abroad, which became the current policy. “

I was surprised at the high quality, such as the fineness of modeling and gimmicks. Tsukuru-san was even more surprised because he wasn’t studying or working in the arts.

“I have never had that kind of experience. I graduated from a confectionery vocational school. After working at a cake shop, I was in the businessa trading company’s businessorking as a kid, and my hands are clumsy. I designed it on a personal computer and cut out the cake with a laser cutter. It is a manual process to assemble. It was about a year since I first introduced the laser cutter to the channel, and until then, I have been doing my best by hand. It takes a week or two just to cut it out by hand. It has become more efficient since the introduction of the laser cutter. “

It seems that the precise design is the key to the work …

“I have never studied design at school. I am self-taught. I studied at seminars. I am still studying. The most time-consuming thing is design. It depends on the thing, but it is simple and straight. A sword can be done in about half a day. Some with a gimmick can take several days. Even if it works on the design drawing, it may not work well, requiring trial and error. It is larger than humans. It takes time to make a prototype, and it is difficult to shoot. It does not fit in the angle of view. However, if you follow the laws of physics, you should do anything. Otherwise “

The unexpectedness of cardboard can be imitated if you do your best

Although it is cardboard, the full-scale place is a big attraction. There is also the surprise that familiar things will become works.

“The good thing about cardboard is that it is light and durable. Some people say, ‘Why don’t you make it from aluminum, iron, plastic, or wood?’, But the weapons of manga and anime are big, and other materials are heavy. It can be done because it is cardboard. There is also the unexpectedness that “this is cardboard !?”

Although I have made more than 100 works so far, I do not keep all of them.

“I’m throwing it away because I don’t have a place to put it. It’s a waste. I only make reproducible things. I’m making things that I can imitate if I do my best—hands at 100-yen shops and home centers. I’m using materials that can be used, and I should make it even if I’m clumsy. I’m also clumsy. I’m glad if there are people who imitate me. I appreciate it. “

Do not destroy the world view of the work with love.

Mr. Tsukuri values ​​”not to destroy the world view of the work.” Facing the work with love.

“I value whether I like the work or not. What I’m doing is derivative work. I’m in a position to make it, so I have to have respect. I did it because it’s fashionable … I wouldn’t say I like it… If you don’t like it, it will look like a fake. I’m making something I like. Even if you’re asked to “make it,” read all the works. I try to make it after researching what kind of background it is. That is a place I can not give up. “

While trying to make something that does not exist three-dimensional, some things can be seen while reading and researching.

“Two-dimensional things are optimized to look flat. Sometimes it feels strange to make them three-dimensional. I find it rewarding how to make them real. How is this weapon made in this world? I’m wondering if it’s being done. When I observed it and divided it into parts, I also discovered that the author was thinking about this kind of thing. It’s fun to think about it. “

Tsukuru-san’s work is full of love for the work. In the serialization of “V Jump Play β,” love is poured while reproducing the weapon of the jump work.

“I’ve been reading” Jump “since I was a kid, and I find it rewarding. I didn’t expect it to be official content, so I get adrenaline (laughs). I was happy. I received a message from Professor Nobuhiro Watsuki of “Rurouni Kenshin.” When Professor Riku Sanjo of “Dai no Daibouken” poses with a weapon at Janfes (Jump Festa, a jumping event). , The tear glands have loosened. I should have such a good feeling! Thank you! However, there is also pressure. I will pay attention to safety so that more people can enjoy it. I want to

“I have a lot of things I want to make, and I don’t have enough time. The more I do, the more I can do and the more challenges I can find. Tsukuru-san. It seems that he will continue to be amazed by the high-quality cardboard work.

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