‘My Hero Academia’ 6th animation visual first ban suggests a fierce battle

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The first visual of the 6th season of the popular anime “My Hero Academia” has been lifted.

Based on the popular manga “My Hero Academia” (Kohei Horikoshi) serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha), this work will be broadcast soon after the 5th series will be broadcast on September 25th. Also announced the production decision of the 6th series.

In the 5th period of the “Hiroaka” TV anime, the end of the 26th volume of the original comic was drawn in the 5th period. And the 6th period is scheduled to be drawn from the start of the 27th volume, and from there, “Hero vs. Enemy Full-scale War” will be unfolded. Drawn by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, who is in charge of the character design of this work, the first visual of the 6th period produced by Bonds is a close-up of the face of Deku and the dead tree which makes us feel the fierce battle in the main story. It is finished in a powerful one.

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