The annoying fate of longevity popular anime “Voice actor change drama” that happened in the pas

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Voice actor Kiyoshi Kobayashi, who has continued to bring Daisuke Jigen to life in the anime ” Lupin III ” series, announced his retirement. The final dimension played by Mr. Kobayashi will be the prologue episode “EPISODE 0 -Era- ” of ” Lupin III PART6,” scheduled to be broadcast from October. It’s been 50 years since “Lupin III PART1” was published in 1971, and the day has finally come to the level of Mr. Kobayashi. The voice actors will be renewed during the production of “PART4” broadcast from 2015 to 2016, and the late Makio Inoue (who died in 2019) and Fujiko Mine, who has long served as Goemon Ishikawa. While the role of Eiko Masuyama retired (the late Goemon Naya, who played the role of Zenigata police, passed away in 2013), Kobayashi, who has the obsession to re-audit and win the new dimension role, finally Perhaps the limit has been reached. He also said, “I wanted to play until I was 90 years old.” Thank you so much for continuing to show us a cool guy with the smell of smoke for a long time.

Akio Otsuka will succeed him. It may be something to do with the son of Chikao Otsuka, who once played Goemon Ishikawa (PART1 only), playing a new dimension. The change of voice actors in the long-running anime is controversial, but many of Mr. Otsuka should be convinced. I’m looking forward to seeing a new dimension played by Mr. Otsuka. By the way, in anime, which is a representative culture of Japan, many works have been broadcast for decades. It’s a lonely story as people get older, even if the characters don’t get old, but the change of performers is an event that will happen someday. In “Sazae-san,” which began broadcasting in 1969, only Midori Kato, who plays Sazae-san, and Takako Sasuga, who plays Tara-chan, continue to play from the first episode. He continues to listen to his energetic voice every week, but it is unavoidable that many alternate plays are being performed due to the fate of the longevity program.

Is total replacement correct or not?

In recent years, Chafurin took over because the late Ichiro Nagai, who played Namihei Isono, passed away in 2014, and Miyoko Aso (who died in 2018), who played the role of Fune Isono, retired from Terauchi in 2015. I entrust the rest to Mr. The late Hiroshi Masuoka, who played Masuo Fuguta, retired in 2019 and passed away in 2020. It’s a shame, but it seems like a great draw. In addition, Sumiko Shirakawa, who played the role of Nakajima, a friend of Skipjack for a long time, died in the bathroom when an anime staff member was suspicious because she did not appear in the recording one day visited her home with the people concerned. It has been discovered.

It’s a shame that we sometimes have to yell goodbye in such an unfortunate way. One way is to include a replacement if you cannot continue for some reason, such as “Sazae-san,” but works also take a completely different approach. That is “Doraemon (TV Asahi version).” “Doraemon,” which started broadcasting in 1979, has changed all voice actors with the broadcast in March 2005. There were pros and cons to the familiar voices that were replaced, but 16 years have already passed. The late Kaneta Kimotsuki, who played Suneo Honekawa, and the late Kazuya Tatekabe, who played Gian, are already registered as demons. It is in.

Also, considering that Nobuyo Oyama, who plays the role of Doraemon, also has Alzheimer’s dementia and cannot perform entertainment activities, it is still wiser to change all at once than to experience the shock of Doraemon’s voice suddenly becoming another person one day. It may have been. Changing voice actors is a challenging problem because there is a risk that you may lose the fans you have been familiar with, but there are cases where you made a big decision to change the leading voice actor in “Crayon Shin-chan.” Akiko Yajima, who played the role of Shinnosuke Nohara for 26 years and three months, retired because she was unable to perform naturally because she focused on making Shinnosuke’s voice and Yumiko Kobayashi. I gave up my seat. With his masterpiece, The decision to get out of a role that can be said cannot be made with ordinary preparedness. It’s a lovely story, but the only thing fans can do is respect their own decisions.

The change of voice actors in longevity anime is on a case-by-case basis, and I don’t know the correct answer. Perhaps I have no choice but to continue to think about it. It certainly feels strange that the familiar voice becomes the voice of another person. Still, if possible, instead of making a one-sided criticism, we should accept the reason for the change and continue to enjoy the work.

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