‘ONE PIECE’ JAL charter flight operated in July. Flight attendants wear ‘Wanokuni’ kimono & ‘Sanji supervised’ in-flight meals and luxurious souvenirs.

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JAL, a major aviation company, will hold a charter “Wanokuni Flight-Legendary Otsuru and the Adventures of the Sky” in collaboration with the popular anime “ONE PIECE” on July 30th and 31st during the summer vacation. A long-awaited limited tour that combines adventure and hospitality, you can enjoy an in-flight space and in-flight meals full of entertainment like never before.

Flight attendants belonging to JAL’s in-house venture team “W-PIT” who love “ONE PIECE” came up with a strong desire to “take on the challenge of creating new value by the aviation industry and entertainment industry together with” ONE PIECE.” With the cooperation of Shueisha and Toei Animation, an exciting limited charter has been achieved.

We will offer a special menu “supervised by Sanji” for in-flight meals. Business-class Western food is “hamburger steak with the image of” bone meat, “Japanese food is “oden and sukiyaki,” and economy class is “colored chirashi and soba” as the main dish, “Wanokuni edition” being broadcast in animation. You can feel the worldview.

In addition, a special announcement by “Straw Hat Pirates” will be broadcast in all seven scenes during the flight, and flight attendants will appear in kimonos with the image of the world view of “Wanokuni” and a commemorative photo spot before boarding. Hospitality on board. In addition, there will be plenty of content to enjoy the world of the work, such as broadcasting animation videos and music, quiz competitions asking for knowledge of “ONE PIECE,” and in-flight decoration.

Limited goods (coasters, tote bags, stickers, boarding certificates) using illustrations drawn for the charter, “ONE PIECE” goods, and snacks that sleep in the editorial department of “Weekly Shonen Jump” are on sale. It is offered as a souvenir. Limited to the characters, model planes with newly drawn illustrations will also be sold.

There is a legend in Wano that a giant crane is rare worldwide. With his enormous wings, he travels to many islands around the world, carries people on his back, carries things, and takes him on an adventure in the sky. The “Straw Hat Pirates” invited to the experience of the sky are quickly on the back of Otsuru. In the atmosphere, you can enjoy the hospitality of Wano country, including unique dishes. A big feast is waiting! Let’s go on an empty adventure together!

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