‘Lupin III’ Daisuke Jigen voice actor Kiyoshi Kobayashi retires.

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It was revealed on the 6th that voice actor Kiyoshi Kobayashi (88), who has played Daisuke Jigen in the popular anime series ” Lupin III ” since the beginning of 1971, will retire. He has appeared as the only original voice actor for many years but decided to graduate because of his old age. At the turning point of the 50th anniversary of broadcasting, the voice of the dimension changed.

The new series ” Lupin III PART6 ” (Saturday midnight 0.55), commemorating the 50th anniversary on NTV from October 9th ) Will start broadcasting. The voice actor has not been announced, but it has been decided that Kobayashi will not appear. Another new voice actor plays the dimension.

The main reason for his retirement is the age of 88. The person involved in the animation is ” Mr. KobayashiHad a desire to continue playing the dimensional role as much as possible. However, it isn’t easy to perform long-time dubbing many times. It seems that it has become difficult to continue realistically. ” Dimension, who is a companion of the main character Lupine III and a master of shooting. Kobayashi swelled his image from being a reticent gun master and created a voice that looked like a dandy. He has trained the abdominal muscles necessary for vocalization even as he grows older and has been protecting his role for 50 years.

Even in the theatrical version of the stage greeting released in 2019, he was fully motivated, saying, “I want to do a little more.” It is difficult to change voice actors in popular anime. An anime official said, “The viewer sees the character in the voice of a voice actor who is familiar with it. The more popular the work, the more difficult it is to change voice actors.” In particular, the longevity Lupine series has a high degree of penetration of characters and voices.

The movie version of the masterpiece “Lupin III Cagliostro’s Castle” is still being broadcast in the golden zone once every two to three years. With this change of voice actors, the main characters’ voices will all be different in the new series from “Cagliostro’s Castle.” The anime people said, “I think it was a pretty difficult decision, but considering Mr. Kobayashi’s physical condition and the future of the work, I think I decided at the right time. ” It will be officially announced soon, including the successor voice actor.

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