Anime ‘Pokémon’ Dent Appears for the First Time in 7 Years Mamoru Miyano ‘I’m having a machine gun talk (laughs).’

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In the 3rd episode of the animation “Pokémon Aim Pokemon Master” (TV Tokyo series every Friday from 6:55 pm), which depicts the final chapter of the story of Satoshi and Pikachu, which will be broadcast on the 27th, the character Dent will appear for the first time in about seven years—announced to appear. At the same time, a comment from Mamoru Miyano, who plays Dent, was released.

The appearance of Takeshi, who was heartbroken (laughs) Dent’s appearance in the “Pokemon” scene cut released Episode 3, “Takeshi and Dent and Mori no Majo!” When Satoshi and Pikachu reunite with Kasumi, they also run into Takeshi and Dent, their former travel companions. However, Takeshi seems depressed because he just lost his love. Then suddenly, a wild Brim-on kidnaps Takeshi…! The reason is! ? Can Satoshi, Kasumi, and Dent bring back Takeshi!??

Dent will appear for the first time in about seven years since “Pocket Monsters Best Wishes.” Still, Miyano, who plays Dent, said, “The days I spent participating in the TV anime “Pocket Monsters Best Wishes” were irreplaceable times for me.

I was able to meet the people I love, learn a lot as an actor, and receive essential treasures for my life. And this time, I’m happy to be performing for the first time in about seven years.”Continuing, “Satoshi’s victory is deeply emotional for both Dent and me as a viewer of the 97 TV anime “Pocket Monsters”… I have something to add… In this episode, it’s been a long time since Dent appeared, but this kid talks a lot when he appears (laughs). Please look forward to what kind of incident we will face together.”

“Pokémon Aim to Master” is a story about three people, Kasumi (CV: Mayumi Iizuka) and Takeshi (CV: Yuji Ueda), who once traveled together with Satoshi and Pikachu.

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