My stepmother’s stepchild was a former girlfriend.

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It turned out that an animation project for Kyosuke Kamishiro’s romantic comedy novel “My stepmother’s stepchild was a former Kano ” (published by KADOKAWA) is underway.

The work, which has been serialized on the novel posting site “Kakuyomu” since 2017, won the grand prize in the “3rd Kakuyomu WEB Novel Contest / Romantic Comedy Category”, and in 2020 and 21 in Takarajimasha’s “This Light Novel is Amazing!” Ranked in for the second consecutive year. Irido Mizuto and Ayai Yume started dating when they were in junior high school but started to feel frustrated and broke up after graduation, one day when they were about to enter high school. Due to the remarriage of parents, they become a family living under one roof.

The two have agreed on a “sibling rule” that “if you are conscious of the opposite sex, you lose” and try to play a close sibling, but they are conscious of each other. The latest Volume 7 was just released on July 30th. ComicWalker and others have also serialized comical.

Details such as the anime version cast have not been disclosed. Still, in the promotion video released in 19 and the drama CD attached to the special edition released in 20 years, Mizuto is Yuto Uemura, and Yui is Aoi Koga. Is playing.

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