“Namiel Shindo ww” Kaito Ishikawa and “Angel vs. Devil” debate confrontation “Voice actor and night play tree”

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“Voice actor and night play tree [Daisuke Namikawa x Kaito Ishikawa] # 26” starring voice actors Daisuke Namikawa and Kaito Ishikawa will be on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new future TV “ABEMA” in 2021. It was broadcast on October 28th.

In this episode, which is the 4th day of “Halloween Special Week,” Namikawa and Ishikawa appear in the form of “angels and demons.” In addition to conducting a debate confrontation between angels and demons in “Angel and Devil’s Damihe Challenge,” “Voice actor’s essential skill! Let’s train the instantaneous power!” We did things like “verify the sense of money! Let’s hit it right!”

In this episode, Namikawa appeared as an angel “Namiel” and Ishikawa as a devil “Kairos.” While Ishikawa decided coolly with all-black coordination on the enormous wings and devil’s horns, Namikawa became a comical angel with angel wings that were too small on his bob. “I’m more aunt than my uncle,” “The wings are small,” “Who told me to put it up !?”

In addition, the two have a variety of power from the opening, such as unfolding a control whispering an angel and a devil to AI who is wondering whether to watch “night play” or blurring with a funny face at the screenshot time when deciding a pose toward the camera. Fully open. The viewers were excited about this, saying, “The devil is cool!”, “Namiel’s tough ww,” and “The screenshots are quick,” and the program started with laughter.

The “Damage Challenge of Angels and Devil” debate was held between the cheerful angel Namiel and the negative devil Kairos. The two will develop a heated debate with themes such as “Namikawa worried about eating ramen” and “Ishikawa worried about training.”

When he challenged “a boy who is worried about aiming for a voice actor,” Kaitros Ishikawa became a villain and said, “It’s not that easy!” Tell the truth. On the other hand, Namikawa, also known as Daniel, talks about his hopes and dreams as a voice actor but gradually becomes demonized by AI that is too no. Ishikawa also screams, “Fallen angel!” “Namiel, which one !?”

The angel’s skin was completely peeled off, and even Namikawa talked about the harshness, and in the end, Ishikawa said, “The voice quality is good. Youthful voice.” “If you do it in a place where there are few competitors.” It’s going to work! ” As a result, the devil’s opinion won, and the two laughed, “There is only the devil here!” “The opinions of the angel and the devil were too good.”

In the latter half of the program, “Voice actor’s essential skill! Let’s train the instantaneous power!” It was also held to check the instantaneous power of the two people in a game that asks if the question can be answered within 3 seconds.

At the corner where Namikawa often said, “Instantaneous power is important for voice actors,” Namikawa was asked about the reason. “You have to do it.” “The ability to get the correct answer in one shot is the instantaneous power.”

Ishikawa nodded loudly to this, saying, “Almost everything Mr. Namikawa said but switching mentally, which plays many roles a day, is also one of the instantaneous powers.”

Then, when the two talked about the voice actor theory, the game started immediately. Namikawa was afraid of the game, which could overturn his previous remarks, saying, “This corner isn’t good anymore !?” “If you make a mistake, it won’t be convincing.” “I can burn it with fluorescent lights,” “I’m painting it very white today, but it’s already coming out, right?” Don’t forget to laugh at humor.

On the other hand, Ishikawa also puts a message to the viewers with the theme of “What’s fun you’re doing lately?” He shows off his excellent Aiueo composition and shows the speed of his head rotation. Even after that, he quickly cleared the questions from the staff and the last-minute questions with his splendid skills and responsiveness, and the two people’s instantaneous power was proved safely.

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