‘Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime’ box office starts over 890 million yen Mamoru Hosoda’s familiar ‘Summer Sky & Cumulonimbus’ 3rd visual released.

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Mamoru Hosoda’s latest work, “Dragon and Belle Princess,” is known for the popular anime movies “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (2006), “Summer Wars” (2009), and “The Boy and the Beast” (2015). Ryusoba)’s latest box office revenue was announced on the 19th. The box office exceeded 890 million yen, and the number of spectators mobilized 600,000 in three days. In the three days since its release, the start has surpassed that of “The Boy and the Beast,” which recorded a final box office of 5.85 billion yen.

“Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime” is set in the Internet world, where the main character, a high school girl who suffered a big wound from her mother’s death, is “another reality” A story of courage and hope to find an essential existence in the virtual world on the Internet called and to walk hard to the future while struggling and struggling.

According to the questionnaire on the first day, the male-female ratio was 44.5%: 55.5%, which was higher than that of females. Most people in their 20s are in their 20s, followed by those in their 40s, followed by their 30s and 50s. The number one reason for viewing was “I like Hosoda’s work” at 54.9%, followed by “Because the story looks interesting” at 33.8%, and I went to the theater with a sense of expectation for this original script. There are many people, and “I’m attracted to the main theme” U “and music” also recorded 23.1%, so “music,” which is a significant element of this work, is getting a lot of interest.

Also, to commemorate the release, the ban on the third visual has been lifted. Until now, the virtual world (1st poster), and the starry sky (2nd poster), and the blue sky, which is synonymous with Hosoda’s work, have been sealed. The visual has arrived.

Director Hosoda joined Toei Animation (currently Toei Animation) in 1991. After working as an animator, he debuted as a movie director in “Digimon Adventure the Movie” (1999). After that, he became freelance and established his own animation movie production company “Studio Chizu” with producer Yuichiro Saito in 2011.

Received the “Japan Academy Award” Best Animation Work Award for all past works from freelance. “Mirai of the Future” (2018) has won acclaim from around the world, including being nominated for the Annie Award in the feature animation category of the “Academy Award,” and “Princess of the Dragon and Belle” is also in the official selection of the Cannes International Film Festival. It was selected for the newly established “Cannes Premiere Category” and was officially screened the other day.

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