Nana Seino & Tori Matsuzaka are overwhelmed by the premiere of the live-action version of ‘Whisper of the Heart,’ which took two and a half years to complete

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Nana Seino and Tori Matsuzaka attended the Japan premiere event of their starring work “Whisper of the Heart,” held at the Italian Cultural Center in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, on September 28th.

A live-action adaptation of Aoi Hiiragi’s masterpiece manga, known as the original of Studio Ghibli’s popular animated film. It took two and a half years to complete due to the effects of the corona crisis, and Seino said with deep emotion, “It took a long time, but it was a work full of thoughts.” On the other hand, Matsuzaka appealed, “It’s okay to have high expectations. It’s a work that I have that much confidence in.”

In addition to the junior high school story depicted in the original manga and anime movie, the actual story will be set in 1998. It will be ten years after the main characters, Shizuku (Seino) and Seiji (Matsuzaka), have grown up.

Seino, who experienced repeated interruptions to filming, reflected, “Even while I was filming other works, Shizuku-chan was always somewhere in my head.” Tears overflowed,” confessing the excitement of the crank-up in May this year. “I am full of gratitude to everyone on set and the fans who have been looking forward to today. The youth scene that respects the original is also exciting.”

Matsuzaka recalled the offer for this work, saying, “I felt like the pressure crushed me.” Still, he revealed, “When I heard that it was set 10 years later, I wondered if I would be able to see Shizuku and Seiji all grown up, and that was more of an interest for me, and it became the driving force behind my actions.” I wanted to express a new side of Seiji that I’ve seen in anime and anime.

The promise to become a professional (cellist) and the wall I hit there. I valued the anxiety, conflict, and swaying feelings.” was At the event were Rio Uchida, who played Yuko Harada, her adult classmate, Runa Yasuhara, Tsubasa Nakagawa, Toba Araki, Saku Sumitomo, and Yuichiro Hirakawa (“Tsunagu,” “The Promised Neverland”), who played the main characters when they were in junior high school. Attended.

There was also a scene where Seino presented the “Baron” statue, which is the key to the movie, to Mr. Silvana De Maio, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute.

“Whisper of the Heart” will be released on October 14th. Yuki Yamada will play the role of Tatsuya Sugimura, a classmate who has grown up, Kei Tanaka will play the role of writer Sonomura, who will be in charge of Shizuku, and Masaomi Kondo will play the leading role of Earth Store, Seiji’s grandfather. “Tsubasa Wo Kudasai, “covered by An, is the theme song.

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