Tatsuya Kitani will be in charge of the OP of the anime ‘Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi’

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Tatsuya Kitani will be in charge of the opening theme for the new anime ” Heion Sedai no Ida Tenda, “which will be broadcast on Fuji TV Noitamina from Thursday, July 22nd.

“of the peaceful generation Skanda heaven we” is TenHara original, excellent Christian believers animated the work of the same name cartoon by drawing. A battle royale begins when someone revives the demons in a peace-blurred world 800 years after the God of battle called “Skanda” sealed the monsters that lead the world to ruin. Is done. Previously reported main voice actor cast Romi Park, Megumi Ogata, Yui HorieIn addition to Akemi Okamura, new appearances by Akira Ishida, Shizuka Ito, Asami Seto, Sumire Uesaka, Shizuka Ishigami, Masuo Amada, Mariya Ise, Yoko Honna, Mitsuru Miyamoto, and Cho have also been announced. The opening theme is Kitani’s new song, “When the Saints Go March.” He commented on this song, “From the world of this” Skanda “work, which is like the ultimate balance of cute/dark and erotic / Guro, I jumped into my eyes and expressed the burning scene as a sound.” doing. Along with the start of the anime on-air, “Saint’s March” will be released on July 22nd.

Tatsuya Kitani Comment From the world of this “Skanda” work, which is like the ultimate balance of cute/dark and erotic / guro, I have expressed the scene that jumped into my eyes and burned into the sound. What are they waiting for in the peaceful generation, the demons, the humans, and the world they see? I’m looking forward to witnessing the finished work.

Comment by Akira Ishida The setting of this work that quickness is the root of God’s work is an exciting perspective. Protea is a senior and a leader to Hayato, but he is special when dealing with Lin and has a significant difference in how he reacts. I want everyone to be interested in that area. Please wait a little longer until the broadcast starts.

Comment by Shizuka Ito Gil started from a shocking scene, but she prays to God so that no matter what happens, what kind of experience she will have, what she thinks, and how she will be involved with the gods. I want everyone to see if it goes. Please look forward to it.

Comment Asami Seto I will be in charge of the voice of Para. This is Asami Seto. … I thought God was so strong. I am paralyzed by the relentless development that occurs every time. Para has some outrageous parts, but I feel that the word “ordinary” seems to apply when compared to Skanda and others—looking forward to!

Sumire Uesaka Comment I will play the role of Nickel in “Heion Sedai no Ida Tenda”! At first glance, it’s a character that makes you feel like “this child is a bad guy …!”, And even if you play it, your tension will be taken here and there. I’m looking forward to seeing how the spectacular and spectacular scale battles will come to life in anime!

Mariya Ise The characters appearing in this work are all strong people with one habit and two habits. Miku, who I play, is also funny … Ayashii … Yabe woman (No, mysterious woman?). The cast members who bring this blown-out (I stopped choosing words) work to life. It’s as strong as the characters-I was thrilled to see the plays of the seniors of the Hyakusen Hakusen! The best !! I’ll do my best to leave Miku’s claw marks !! Please look forward to the broadcast!

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