NEOWIZ PC game ‘SANABI’ development roadmap released!

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NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Co-representative: Kim Seung-Chul / Bae Tae-gun) provides services and WONDERPOTION (Representative: Yoo Seung-Hyun) The development roadmap for the PC game “SANABI” being developed by is released on July 19 (Tuesday).

Release the development roadmap for the year’s second half from the official STEAM page. They are published on the official STEAM page of “SANABI,” Introducing the future update schedule and the direction.

First, we aim to complete Chapter 5 content from July to September 2022. At the same time, we will add auxiliary functions for beginners.

In particular, we plan to optimize play based on user feedback in the Early Access version and update the side story and the collection elements.

In addition, we plan to add the “STEAM Challenge Challenge” at the same time while aiming to complete the title screen and game UI (user interface) by October 2022. Furthermore, we are planning to develop the release the Nintendo Switch version in November 2022.

“Speed ​​Run Event” for users will be held until August 8, 2022 (Sun)
Currently, the “Speed ​​Run Event” is being held for a limited time until August 8 (Sun). The player who sets the fastest record in “Speedrun Mode” will be introduced on the official website “Hall of Fame” and receive a STEAM gift card.

It was evaluated as “overwhelmingly popular” after the release of Early Access!

After the release of “Early Access” on STEAM in June 2022, “SANABI” was “overwhelmingly positive” by 97% of more than 600 STEAM users for its immersive story and decisive action. )”.

You can check the development roadmap and event details of “SANABI” on the official STEAM page.

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