New anime will be permitted to upload in its entirety by selling video data before broadcast. Focusing on promoting the work, ‘we will make illegal uploads legal.’

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The Jashin-chan Dropkick End of the Century Project (from now on referred to as the “Production Committee”) announced on the 9th that “Kenshiro” will appear as a guest character in the entirely new anime “Jashin-chan Dropkick [End of the Century]” which will be broadcast on December 26th and announced that.

In addition, the primary data will be sold for download (300 yen tax excluded) on Amazon earlier than the TV broadcast, and distribution channel operators can distribute the main video and earn advertising revenue by participating in KADOKAWA’s “CSP (Creator Support Program).” I announced that you can get it. The company answered, ” “The production committee does not care how the video is obtained. Please follow the rules of the sales platform regarding the range.”

In addition, ” “In addition to selling the video data for 300 yen before the broadcast, we will allow the main video to be distributed on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.By doing this, people who broadcast live without showing the screen “We will spread the word by leveraging the power of those who earn advertising revenue from illegal uploads. We will make illegal uploads legal.”

Jimbocho, left in ruins by objects flying from space, was ruled by Yurine Hanazono as the ” “Yurine Kingdom.” Guided by the stars, Jashin-chan heads south to defeat Yurine Hanazono, who leads this town.

I visited Takamori Town, located at the foot of the Aso Mountains, which is rich. Will Jashin-chan finally be able to defeat Yurine using the new unique technique he learned in Takamori Town?! The latest work in the series, which has been a hot topic in many ways!

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