‘New Mobile Report Gundam Wing’ ‘Phantom Sequel’ is comicalized ‘Japan’s giant robot group’ to be held.

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“Anime 1 Week” summarizes the anime news of the week. From June 25th to July 1st, the exhibition “Japan’s Giant Robot Group – Giant Robot Animation, Its Design and Visual Expression-” will be held. Drop)”, a topic in which a comicalization of the sequel was posted, etc., attracted attention.

On June 25th, a live event of the TV anime “Genji no Yohane -SUNSHINE in the MIRROR-,” which is based on the spin-off of “Love Live! Sunshine!!” from the popular “Love Live!” series, will be held in December. It will be held from the 15th to the 17th at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena (Chofu City, Tokyo).

In the August issue of the manga magazine” Monthly Gundam Ace” (KADOKAWA), released on the 26th, localization of the sequel to the novel “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop” from the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” Frozen Teardrop Seishuu no Shukyoku” was published in. As part of the project commemorating the magazine’s 22nd anniversary, “Phantom Sequel” has become a one-shot manga. Katsuyuki Sumisawa was in charge of the story, and Sakura Asagi was in the order of drawing.

On the 26th, it was revealed that the final chapter of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” based on Satoru Noda’s manga serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” (Shueisha) will be produced.

On the 26th, the 26th installment, “Detective Conan: Kurogane no Submarine” (directed by Joe Tachikawa), the latest movie version of the popular anime “Detective Conan,” exceeded 13.1 billion yen at the box office. I found out. In the ranking of successive box office revenues, it was ranked 25th, surpassing “Jurassic Park,” released in 1993, and recorded about 12.8 billion yen. The number of spectators has been a big hit, recording about 9.26 million people.

On the 27th of the same day, the first theater life of the popular game and animation “IDOLiSH7”, “Theatrical version IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD”, was released on May 20th. It turned out that it exceeded 1.37 billion yen. The number of spectators mobilized is about 790,000 people.

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