‘Skip and Loafers’ non-credit ending video released!

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The non-credit ending video of the TV anime “Skip and Loafers,” being broadcast on April 4, 2023 (Tuesday), has been released.

“Skip and Loafers” is serialized in “Monthly Afternoon” (published by Kodansha) and is based on the manga of the same name by Misaki Takamatsu.

The main character is Mitsumi Iwakura, who went from a small local junior high school to a high-standard school in Tokyo.

The non-credit ending video on the ending theme, Rikako Aida’s “Hanauta to Mawarimichi,” has been released this time. Be sure to check out the video, which is filled with a warm and calm atmosphere.

Also, currently, if you follow the “Skip and Loafer” official account (@skip_and_loafer) on Twitter and RT the target tweet, you will receive a second episode script signed by Tomoyo Kurosawa for two people! The application period is until April 17 (Monday), so please participate.

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