‘The Saint’s Magic Power is All-Purpose’ TV animation 2nd season, production decision by main staff continuation

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The second production of the TV anime “The Saint’s Magic Power is All-Purpose” has been decided. As in the first period of the April-June 2021 broadcast, Shota Ibata will direct the series, travel to the series, and Diomedéa will be in charge of animation production.

Based on the light novel, the story is about a worker-holic female office worker Sei (CV: Yui Ishikawa), reincarnating in a different world as a “saint”. She was a plant lover, Say worked as a civilian at the Institute of Medicinal Botanicals, and she gradually began to demonstrate her talent as her saint.

On the official website, congratulatory comments and illustrations from the original author, Yuka Tachibana, are posted.

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