Norika Fujiwara is crazy about anime, From ‘SPY x FAMILY’ to ‘Space Battleship Yamato’ ‘Excite and cry.’

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Actor and personality Norika Fujiwara participated in the complete announcement of the activity meter “MOTHER Bracelet” held in Tokyo on the 2nd. Fujiwara was asked what he was addicted to every day because the product does not require charging 365 days a year. I’m watching new animations. I’m excited and crying. “

Asked about her recently addicted work, “Recently,” SPY x FAMILY “has started on TV, and once again,” Kimetsu (Kimetsu) ” I’m addicted to “Jujutsu Kaisen”, and I love “Violet Evergarden”, but I also like “Space Battleship Yamato” and Showa anime, so I’m looking back. I also love Captain Harlock. I bounced my voice.

Fujiwara, who appeared in a pure white sleeveless dress, said, “I have a neat and clean image, but I chose it because I liked the healthy and sexy feeling because the (neck) was open, the leather was playful. I was satisfied. “

“Exercise is indispensable, and I’ve been exercising today. At the gym, I love silk suspension and pressure training. I love eating out, but I cook with seasonal vegetables. The stage is long, and I. If something happens to my friends or friends, I will stop, so I have to live a life that boosts my immunity. “

This product measures and records the number of steps, amount of sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and body surface temperature with one unit. Since energy is accumulated as points and gifts can be exchanged and donated, her husband, Ainosuke Kataoka, said, “Because it is a type that moves very typically, energy points will be accumulated very much.

Regarding her husband’s health management, he said, “Because it is a profession that consumes that much physical strength, I want to do what I can do while I am in Tokyo. I like eggplant, pork and chicken. I like simmered food. I also like Chikuzen simmered. I like red miso so much that red salt is a must. I like fresh onions and so on. There are many Japanese-style dishes, “said Ainosuke’s favourite menu.

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