Directed by Atsushi Wada ‘Ikimono-san,’ it will be broadcast in July on Super Animeism’s ‘Frame Buttocks’

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“Ikimono-san,” directed by animation artist Atsushi Wada, will be broadcast as a short animation in “Frame Butt,” which will be aired briefly at the end of the MBS / TBS animation frame “Super Animeism” in July. I found out. At the same time, a moving teaser visual has been released on YouTube.

The work is based on the game “My Exercise” directed by Wada. It is planned and produced by Nobuaki Doi, animated by New Deer, represented by Mr. Doi, and produced by Toei Animation.

In “Super Animeism,”‘s “Frame Butt,” “It’s fun to have both a dog and a cat every day, “Ore, Tsushima, “and ” Deji Meets Girl ” have been aired. The full comment from Director Wada is as follows.

My name is Jun Wada, and I will be directing.
” Ikimono- san. ” I’ve always loved animals and wanted to make a series with lots of animals. This time, I decided to create a series in which Igaguri, a boy with a shaved head and a pair of shorts full of curiosity, interacts with various creatures with his companion dog, and my wish has come true. The TV series is unfamiliar territory for someone like me, who usually makes short animated films. Many things are new to me, and I am confused, but with the massive backing of Toei Animation, I can draw freely and happily. The length of one episode is short, but I’m sure it will be a strange animation, so please look forward to it.

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