Notice regarding capital and business alliance with Bushiroad Co., Ltd.

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Team Joy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Shirokin, referred to as “the Company”) is Bushiroad Co., Ltd., which plans and develops TCG and digital games, and designs to produce and produces animation. Headquarters: Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihashi Hashimoto, Securities code: 7803, from now on “Bushiroad”) has raised funds for Series A and has entered into a capital and business alliance.

We are a company aiming to be one of the largest in Japan in expanding overseas anime content to Japan. Many overseas animations work such as “The Legend of Hei”, “White Snake: Engi”, “Nata Rebirth”, and “Mini Beans”, as well as many live-action works, including “THE CROSSING-A Girl Straddling Hong Kong and the Continent” ~”, “Detective Chinatown NEW YORK MISSION” (original title: Detective Chinatown 2), etc. We are opening up a new entertainment market in the production business by co-producing and shooting in Japan with “Detective Chinatown Tokyo MISSION” (original title: Detective Chinatown 3), which ranked 6th in the worldwide box office revenue in 2021.

We also focus on investment, planning, and production, such as investing in the animated movie “Blue Thermal” (distributed by Toei) released this year and planning and producing other Japanese films.

Purpose of this alliance
By raising funds for the first time in Series A to become an IPO, we will develop new businesses and expand existing businesses. We want to effectively use the management resources and know-how of both our company and Bushiroad and jointly aim to create new business and IP globally.

Outline of this alliance

We aim to be one of Japan’s most significant overseas ACG management teams based on the fusion and exchange of domestic and foreign cultural industries. We will expand the scope of collaboration and grow overseas of Japan’s fantastic IP, including excellent content owned by the Bushiroad Group, and expand and expand a new overseas range in the Japanese market. Through collaboration with Bushiroad, we intend to grow our business in the growing market of Asia.

The Bushiroad Group’s primary strategy is to be an IP developer who develops various businesses such as animation, games, music, events, and MD centred on IP. Through this capital and business alliance, we would like to make effective use of both companies’ management resources and management know-how and jointly aim to create new business and IP globally.

Takaaki Kidani, Chairman and CEO of Bushiroad Co., Ltd.

Japan used to lead the world in the entertainment industry, such as anime and games. Still, now IP from overseas has penetrated Japan and has a strong presence comparable to domestic IP.

I was keenly aware of this in the animated movie “White Snake: Engi,” a joint project with Team Joy. The high-quality 3DCG graphics delicately express the facial expressions and emotions of the characters and even a single hair, and I was surprised that Chinese animation technology had reached this level.

In the entertainment industry, which is based on the group of men these days, it is imperative to develop IP in Japan and overseas. And this time, we decided to form a capital and business alliance with Team Joy, focusing on China, which has excellent potential, productivity, and influence. With this capital and business alliance, Team Joy will become a bridge between Japan and China, importing Chinese IP and localizing it in Japan and enjoying delivering more content to everyone. You will be able to receive it. And vice versa, I think it will be an excellent opportunity to expand our IP in China and let more people know the name of Bushiroad globally.

The power of Team Joy and our company will create strong synergies and create new businesses. And I am confident that we can breathe new life into the entertainment industry.

Team Joy Co., Ltd. CEO and CEO Shirokin

“The fellowship of the nation lies in the friendship of the people, and the company of the people lies in the mutuality of the hearts.

The current situation shows that the present age is a turbulent world.

The division of society is due to polarization, the dramatic lifestyle change, and the struggle between people.

What is the best solution for these?

Because human beings are weak creatures, we have built a fruitful world with the value of connection.

We are alive in the fruit of that edge.

The demands of the times for “communication” will become even more pronounced.

Entertainment is a crucial bridge connecting Japan and the world, and 2019 is the first year of foreign animation in Japan. In the same year, many alien spirits, such as the Taiwanese animation movie “On Happiness Road” and the French animation movie “Long Way North”, were released, and our distribution “The Legend of Hei: The Future I Choose” warmly supports everyone. We received a wide range of customers for viewing.

At that time, we are very fortunate to connect with Chairman Kitani, who is well-known on a global scale. We received the support and kindness of our company from Chairman Kitani, and thanks to you, we were able to successfully achieve the box office success of “White Snake: Engi” distributed by our company.

The domestic market has gradually levelled off and has been stagnant, and many companies are inevitably expanding into overseas markets. With this investment and our current business of importing excellent content from all over the world to Japan, we will work hard every day to provide a unique stage for young creators to jump out into the world.

Team Joy is one of Japan’s most significant overseas ACG (animation, manga, game) management teams. She aims to become a transmission tower for Japanese content supported worldwide, including in Asia. We are determined to strengthen communication between Japan and the world further, taking the example of Bushiroad, who is making great strides overseas with a strong frontier spirit, such as live content such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling and card game development. We are here.

Finally, the slogan and essential thing for us is “creating content with you”. We will always listen to the voices of our customers in Japan and overseas, and we would like to provide content that enriches our customers’ hearts as much as possible.

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