October broadcast anime ‘Gunma-chan’ prefecture creates 25,000 posters and talks on Twitter.

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Gunma Prefecture has begun distributing about 25,000 posters promoting the anime to raise awareness of Gunma’s mascot character “Gunma-chan,” which will start terrestrial broadcasting in October. We will continue to develop a PR called “Gunma-chan HELLO Campaign” until the end of December.

The animation is 30 minutes. Under the title of “Gunma-chan,” it will start broadcasting on eight broadcasting stations in Kanto and Kansai, such as Gunma TV, from October 3rd. It is said that eight stations can cover 48% of domestic households, which will lead to an increase in Gunma’s name recognition and economic effects through the work.

In the campaign, posters are distributed to public institutions such as each prefecture’s administrative prefectural tax office, city hall, and town/village office. It will be provided free of charge to individual Gunma-chan fans. If you pay the shipping fee, we will accept mail to those who wish to increase the exposure and raise awareness.

We are also developing a PR strategy to get a gift by sending an image of a poster posted on the short text posting site “Twitter.” Promote topic creation on the Internet.

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