Com2us secures management rights for ‘My Music Taste’, a K-pop performance platform company.

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Com2uS announced on the 28th that it had acquired a 58.47% stake in My Music Taste (CEO Jae-Seok Lee), a K-pop performance platform company, and secured management rights.

My Music Taste is a K-pop performance platform company that is gaining great popularity in the way that fans directly request performances of their favourite artists in the city they want. Based on this, it predicts the demand for performances through big data and plans and operates various K-pop performances in different parts of the world, including Korea.

The My Music Taste platform has more than 2.61 million users with verified mobile phone numbers in more than 100 countries around the world. More than 97% of subscribers are from overseas. Prominent K-pop artists such as ‘BTS’, ‘EXO’, ‘ATEEZ’ and ‘Monsta X’ have performed more than 350 performances so far in 58 cities in 37 countries. In particular, in recent times, despite the global COVID-19 situation, it has maintained high growth by holding online performances and operating online commerce.

Through this acquisition, Com2uS will strengthen its business capabilities in the global entertainment market. Com2uS’ worldwide network and My Music Taste’s platform power will be combined to present more sophisticated and colourful online and offline performance content tailored to the characteristics of each region and fandom.

In addition, the two companies will promote new businesses such as a performance business for the metaverse and a non-fungible token (NFT) business using intellectual property rights (I.P.) for artists and performances. The platform and contents of My Music Taste will be linked with Com2verse, an all-in-one metaverse platform currently being developed by Com2us, so that fans around the world can enjoy various K-pop performance content through virtual reality. In addition, the strategy to lead the Korean Wave culture market in line with the digital transformation era by directly discovering and nurturing next-generation prominent artists desired by the global fandom based on big data and applying NFT using artists and performance I.P.s within the ‘Com2 Bus’ am.

In addition to this, My Music Taste, Com2uS is a comprehensive video content company, Wyzywyx Studio, a performance/musical video content company, WizOnsen, a B.E. (Brand Experience) and X.R. (Extended Reality) content company, N.P. It has affiliates such as Raemon Raine and management company Image9coms. It is accelerating its penetration into the global market by establishing a value chain in the entertainment and media contents field.

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