Love Hina” author Ken Akamatsu strongly opposes protests against “Tawawa on Monday”

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Known for famous works such as “Love Hina”, “Magister Negi Magi!”, And “AI will not stop!” He expressed his fierce condemnation of the UN Women’s Organization’s protest against the full-page advertisement of the manga “Tawawa on Monday” published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun on April 4.

Mr Akamatsu released a document entitled “Protest against Tarawa on Monday’full-page advertisement”. He quoted an article reporting a protest from the United Nations Women’s Organization, saying, “I think this protest is a typical external pressure and must be thoroughly opposed to protecting freedom of expression. I’m thinking. “

Next, in the article, I quoted the remarks of Mr Kae Ishikawa, the director of the Japan office of the United Nations women’s organization “UN Women”. “The full-page advertisement for” Tawawa on Monday “violates the terms of membership of the” Unstereotype Alliance “that Nikkei newspapers are members of.” “Director Ishikawa said in an article that this protest violates the terms. “It’s just an objection to, saying, ‘UN agencies do not monitor and limit the behaviour of all private companies in general.'”

On top of that, “reviewing the standards for publishing newspaper advertisements” is nothing but “reviewing the standards through which advertisements that should not be placed at the moment are posted.” Regarding the request to revise the publication standard of newspaper advertisements, including the message that “advertisements that should not be posted”, what part of this does not fall under “restriction” (= expression regulation)? “

In addition, Mr Ishikawa’s “This advertisement is” an advertisement for a cartoon that depicts a minor woman in a school uniform excessively sexually “, so this is a stereotype that” a high school girl should be like this “. In addition, there is a “risk as if men are encouraging sexual exploitation of underage women”. ” “Why do creations and their advertisements lead to enhanced stereotypes and encourage sexual exploitation? Whatever the content of the product, what is happening in it and it. We, the creators, can’t write/draw anything if there is a danger that the person who reads it will wake it up. In reality, I’ve heard that manga promoted war and encouraged murder. Why can only manga depicting high school girls be argued for such an irrational basis for regulation? I would like you to show a rational reason and a scientific basis. ” He appealed for his thoughts as a creator.

Mr Akamatsu asserted that this protest was “an unjustified restraint of expression.” “I will continue to investigate this issue in detail for the creators of manga, anime and games and everyone who loves them, and firmly oppose unjustified restraints.” He swore strongly.

“Tawawa on Monday” is an illustration uploaded by manga artist Kiseki Himura on his Twitter account every Monday and was serialized in “Weekly Young Magazine” from November 2020. Anime was also broadcast on YouTube and Niconico Channel in 2016 and ABEMA last year. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun on the 3rd posted an illustration of “Ai-chan”, a high school girl in uniform who boasts an I-cup bust, which is the main character of the same work, in a full-page advertisement. The United Nations Women’s Agency was protesting.

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