Passing the Baton from Braeburn to Hotaru ‘Hananoi-kun and Love Disease’ x ‘Courage Explosion Burn Braeburn’ collaboration illustration released

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Starting today, April 4th, it will be broadcast in the same slot as the TV anime “Hananoi-kun to Koi no Iyoshi,” which was broadcast nationwide at 11:56 every Thursday at 11:56 on 28 TBS stations in January of this year and will be broadcast on March 28th. ( A collaboration illustration with the original TV anime “Courage Explosion Burn Brave Burn,” which reached its final episode on Thursday, has been released.)

Additionally, we have an exciting event lined up for you! Suppose you participate in the “Shake the World. AKASAKA Quiz Rally 2024 Spring” held in Akasaka, Tokyo, from April 8th (Monday) and answer all the questions correctly. In that case, you will test your knowledge and receive a special sticker using the collaboration illustration. It was also announced that the same will be implemented.

“Hananoi-kun to Love Disease” is a TV anime adaptation of the first love story of a girl who doesn’t understand love and a boy whose love is too heavy, drawn by Moe Morino, who has sold over 4 million copies (including e-books).

This collaboration illustration was made possible by the ‘”baton passing'” of the two works in the same broadcast time frame. A firefly rests on Braeburn’s hand, making it a truly unique collaboration between a robot and a girl’s manga heroine, a blend of elements that cannot be seen anywhere else.

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