‘Pokemon’ Satoshi enters the world’s top 8 visual release of Daigo and Alan aiming for the strongest

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A new key visual for the popular anime “Pokemon” (official abbreviation: Anipoke TV Tokyo series every Friday from 6:55) has been released. The top eight trainers “Masters Eight” who participated in the Masters Tournament of the tournament “Pokemon World Championships” that decides the strongest Pokemon battle are gathered, and the appearance of Satoshi who defeated Kibana and entered the world’s top 8 on the broadcast today It is drawn.

who won the fierce battle with Kibana who boasts overwhelming ability in the Galar region on the broadcast today, has risen from 9th place in the ranking to 8th place, and it is a long-cherished desire. Won the title of Masters Eight. Although he is in the top 8 of the world, more powerful enemies are waiting in front of Satoshi, who is also the first champion of the Arora League.

The key visuals released this time are the current champion of Pokemon World Championships, including Garal’s superstar Dande, who is making the name of “Invincible Dande” to the world, and the second place in the master class, Sinnoh Champion. Sinnoh, 3rd place Hoenn Champion Daigo, 4th place Can Tho, Johto Champion Wataru, 5th place Kalos Champion Carne, 6th place Kalos League Champion Alan, 7th place Ish Champion Iris, and After a fierce battle, a total of eight people, including Satoshi, who defeated Kibana and ranked 8th in the ranking, are burning their fighting spirit with their partner Pokemon in their backs.

The strong men who stood in front of Satoshi in the past series will reappear in the series now. In addition to regional champions such as Sirona, Daigo, Karne, and Wataru, Alain who fought many fierce battles with Iris and Satoshi who once travelled together, “Who will get the strongest crown of Pokemon battle? !? ”The state of the biggest tournament in history will be drawn in the future story.

The anime “Pokemon” currently being broadcast is the 7th in the series. Set in all the regions that have appeared so far, various Pokemon that live in each region also appear, and the story of Satoshi and Go, the main characters of W, adventuring in each region with their partner Pikachu.

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