The reason why Slam Dunk is still overwhelmingly loved

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The anime movie ” THE FIRST SLAM DUNK, “which is scheduled  to be released on December 3rd, is attracting much attention.

The sacred place of slam dunks is here! Male readers in their late 30s or older who were fans of Weekly Shonen Jump in the 1990s probably don’t need an explanation.

The manga “SLAM DUNK,” which depicts the growth of basketball player Hanamichi Sakuragi and the team’s rapid progress, is revived with the latest technology in the Shohoku High School basketball club.

The original author, Takehiko Inoue, is in charge of directing and writing the script, so there must be many fans who are looking forward to it. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1990 to 1996, and 26 years have passed since the serialization ended.

Before the movie’s release, “‘SLUM DUNK’ Jump,” which was released by Shueisha Mook on November 8th this year, ran at the top of Amazon’s best-selling rankings and was delivered to bookstores and convenience stores nationwide. Older fans and younger generations who don’t know about the time of serialization are all curious. So why is “SLAM DUNK” still loved so much after so long? I want to think about it in terms of characters, stories, and themes.

Attractive Characters When talking about Slam Dunks, the perspective of the characters will be necessary. There is no doubt that the legend is handed down because the members of Shohoku High School, including the main character, are attractive checking the members below, Hanamichi Sakuragi: The main character. After entering high school, she fell in love with Haruko Akagi and started playing basketball. Haruko Akagi: Heroine. She has feelings for Rukawa, a member of the basketball club.

Takenori Akagi: Captain of the basketball team. Haruko Akagi’s older brother. Kaede Rukawa: The same year as Sakuragi. She has been a star player since middle school. Hisashi Mitsui: They called a genius shooter in junior high school but were frustrated by an injury. He becomes delinquent and leaves but returns. Miyagi Ryota: Petite, but excellent motor skills. He has feelings for his manager, Ayako. Kiminobu Kogure: Deputy captain of the basketball club. Akagi has been his teammate since junior high school. He has a good understanding of Hanamichi.

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