What is your favorite NHK broadcast anime? 3rd place ‘Iruma-kun 3rd series’, 2nd place ‘Kyoukai no RINNE’, 1st place ‘Nintama Rantaro’

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February 1 is the TV broadcast anniversary. On the same day in 1953, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) made Japan’s first television broadcast.

NHK, which is responsible for public broadcasting, has broadcast various animations. NHK’s first TV anime series, “Future Boy Conan,” aired in 1978, “Nintama Rantaro,” celebrating its 30th anniversary, and “I entered the devil!” Iruma-kun” and many other titles are available.

Anime there! Animation! conducted an annual readers’ survey asking, “What is your favorite NHK broadcast anime?” We received responses from 403 people during the survey period from January 21 to January 30. The male-to-female ratio is about 25% male and about 75% female. The age group was mainly young, with about 40% under the age of 19 and about 20% in their 20s.

Nintama, which has been loved for 30 years, is number one! 1st place goes to “Nintama Rantaro.” With an approval rating of about 20%, he moved from last year’s tie for 5th Place to the top. “Nintama Rantaro” is a comedy set in a ninjutsu academy attended by the ninja egg, Nintama.

It is a long-running series made into a TV animation in 1993 and celebrated its 30th anniversary. “Because it’s work that gives you energy when you come home from school from Monday to Friday. Listening to the theme song ‘Yuki 100%’ makes me feel like I will do my best tomorrow. I hope the work will continue forever. And “There are a lot of heartwarming gags, but it’s full-fledged historical investigations such as weapons and historical facts, and there are surprisingly many serious settings. I think it’s an interesting anime.”

There were votes from a wide range of age groups. “At first, I liked Doi-sensei and Kirimaru, but recently, senior students such as 6th graders are my favorite characters. I’m grateful to be able to give it to you,” and the variety of characters is also a reason for its popularity. 2nd Place and 2nd Place goes to “Kyoukai no Rinne.”

The approval rating was 14%, the same rank as last year. Originally by Rumiko Takahashi, the main character, Rinne Rokudo, and her classmate, Sakura Mamiya, solve spirits-related cases. Comedy. Many fans commented on the relationship between the main character and the heroine, saying, “Although it’s a ghost-themed work, it’s not a horror story, but a gentle worldview so that you can enjoy it with peace of mind. I like how Rinne and Sakura-chan are single-minded and love each other.” am. I have been watching the original series since the first series. 3rd Place went to “Magic entry! Iruma-kun 3rd Series”.

The approval rating is about 5%, and the titles that will start broadcasting in 2022 are in the top 3. This work is a school comedy about Iruma-kun, who is a human but enters Devil’s School Babyls. “The 3rd series delves deeper into the classmates than ever before, which is interesting. I’m happy to learn a lot about the problem child class.” And it’s cool to see how the troubled class has grown up!” Currently, airing series are ranked high.

I am introducing other comments! For “Yowamushi Pedal LIMIT BREAK,” “In the ED animation, the scene where you change from two shots of Sakamichi and Makishima to Sohoku members is so emotional that I cry every week. I’ve been watching the fifth season of my favorite anime. Where do you live? Another good thing about NHK animation is that you can enjoy it in real-time.”

“Tsurune Kazemai High School Kyudo Club,” said, “I was touched by the main character, Minato, who seriously faces archery despite having complicated feelings, and his friends who work hard even though they sometimes clash.

The broadcasting station has changed for the second season, but I’m enjoying it as much as before.” “Adventure Airline Montana” is a Japanese-Italian joint production of anthropomorphic animals. It has the same taste as “Detective Holmes,” but this one has a lion as the main character. I also love the OP and ED sung by ALFEE. Please rebroadcast it again!!” “Cooking Idol Ai! My! Mine!” said, “In the wake of the morning TV novel ‘Maiagare! Main-chan’s bizarre fantasies were interesting.” In the 2023 edition, the ranking will be replaced by the last time. Titles whose broadcast slots have been moved or rebroadcasted in the new series are also ranked high.

Ranking Top 10 [What is your favorite NHK anime? 2023 version] 1st place “Nintama Rantaro” 2nd place “Kyoukai no Rinne” 3rd place “I entered the devil! Iruma-kun Series 3” 4th place “Classicaroid” 5th place “Yowamushi Pedal LIMIT BREAK” 6th place “Cardcaptor Sakura” 7th place “Attack on Titan Season 3” 8th place “Attack on Titan The Final Season” 9th place “Magic entry” I got it! Iruma-kun” 10th place “Haikyuu!! Karasuno High School VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen” 10th place “Nadia of the Fushigi no Umi” (Answer period: January 21 to January 30, 2023) Ranking top 20 [Favorite NHK What about broadcast anime? 2023 version] 1st place “Nintama Rantaro” 2nd place “Kyoukai no Rinne” 3rd place “I entered the devil! Iruma-kun Series 3” 4th place “Classicaroid” 5th place “Yowamushi Pedal LIMIT BREAK” 6th place “Cardcaptor Sakura” 7th place “Attack on Titan Season 3” 8th place “Attack on Titan The Final Season” 9th place “Magic entry” I got it! Karasuno High School VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen” 10th place “Nadia the Wonder of the Sea” 12th place “Tsurune – Kazemai High School Archery Club” 12th place “Future Boy Conan Digitally Remastered Edition” 14 14th place “Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These” 14th place “K-ON!! 14th Place, “March Comes in Like a Lion,” 14th Place, “To Your Immortality,” 14th Place, “Love Live!”] 14th place “Love Live! Super Star!!” 20th place “Anime Three Musketeers” 20th place “Kyo Kara Maou! 20th place “Kingdom Series 3,” 20th place “Dennou Coil,” 20th place “Shaun the Sheep,” 20th place “I entered the devil! Iruma-kun 2nd Series” 20th place “Major” (Answer period: January 21, 2023, to January 30, 2023) It’s part of an awareness survey. Regarding the results, it is not the intention to decide the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. We hope this article will help you learn about new works and feelings and help deepen your understanding and interest in them.

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