‘Police in a Pod’ Part 1 completed: Popular manga with live-action dramas and anime

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The first part of the manga “Police in a Pod-The Counterattack of Alternate Girls-” by former police officer Miko Yasu, who was made into a live-action drama and TV animation, is the 29th serialized magazine “Morning” (Kodansha) released on June 16th. It was completed in the issue. “The first part of’Police in a Pod’is over.” “Let’s meet again in the second part!” Was posted. It was also announced that Mr. Yasushi’s new serialization would start around October.

“Police in a Pod” started serialized in the same magazine in 2017. A new police officer, Mayi Kawai, and a former criminal division ace, Seiko Fuji, are depicted struggling with an incident, miscellaneous affairs, and love. The final 23 volumes of the comic will include a specially drawn manga that will be discussed later.

It was also talked about that the serial drama “Hakozume-Tatakau! Alternate Girls-” (NTV), in which actresses Erika Toda and Mei Nagano double-starred, was broadcast in July-September 2021. The TV anime was broadcast from January to March this year.

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