Popular ranking of TV anime characters played by voice actor ‘Ai Kakuma’! The first place is ‘Fran. It was a sword when I was reincarnated.’

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Ai Kakuma is a voice actress who has appeared in many anime works that can be enjoyed regardless of age, including light novels from different worlds.

From January 29th to February 5th, 2023, the Netorabo research team asked, “Who is your favorite TV anime character played by voice actor ‘Ai Kakuma?'” A popular vote was held on the theme. A total of 569 votes were collected in this survey. Thank you for your vote! Let’s start by looking at the top rankings.

  1. Ruuko Kominato (selector series)

The second place is Kominato Ruuko, the main character of the “selector series” anime seasons 1 and 2. The “selector series” is a mixed media work based on the trading card game “WIXOSS.”

Junior high school girl Ruuko has been unable to make friends since moving to the city, and her older brother gives her a deck to start WIXOSS. After that, she throws herself into battle to become a “dream girl” who can grant any wish. Some people may have realized the breadth of Mr. Kakuma’s acting in this work.

  1. Fran (It was a sword when I was reincarnated)
    The first place is Fran, a black cat girl from “I was a sword when I was reincarnated.” Fran named the main character who was reincarnated into a sword in another world due to her accidental death as her “master,” and she became the sword’s wielder. She has a lovely visual and voice, and even if she’s not a teacher, it seems like she will be a “parent idiot.”

Furthermore, in December 2022, it was announced that the second season of the “Tonken” TV anime would be produced! I can’t wait to see what adventures Fran and her master will have!

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