Possibility of the arrival of band boom with the ‘Bocchi Za Rock’ hit? A guitar hero image in contrast to the ‘monumental tower’ and ‘K-ON!’

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The girl band anime “Bocchi the Rock! “, which has been airing on TOKYO MX since October, boasts high popularity, with over 240,000 followers on the official Twitter account of the program.

According to the person in charge of Shimamura Musical Instruments, a musical instrument store that is collaborating with the anime, sales of the model guitar “Epiphone Les Paul Custom EB” (Epiphone LP) of Hitori Goto, the main character in work due to the influence of the anime, will start in October.

On the other hand, it is said that it is “a growth rate of 400% or more”. The person in charge mentioned the possibility of a Reiwa band boom following the

“monument” of the girl band anime “K-ON! “caused a social phenomenon. Nostalgic! At Shimamura Music, a social phenomenon, “K-ON!” when inquiring about the Epiphone LP, many beginners say, “I want to try playing the guitar after watching the anime,” and there are also a certain number of inquiries from existing guitar users. It says.

The person in charge said, “The black Les Paul used by the main character is one of the representative guitars that guitar players want to try someday, so they may think it’s cool while watching anime. So, no,” I guessed.

The original anime is “Manga Time Kirara MAX” (Houbunsha), a four-panel manga by Aki Hamaji. One day in high school, Hitori Goto, a timid girl who loves guitar, is approached by Kika Ijichi, who plays drums in a band.

A story that changes little by little is drawn. Goto is not good at playing in bands or front of people, but her skill is real because she played the guitar for six hours every day in junior high school. She is in charge of the lead guitar in the “Unity Band” he belongs to. Speaking of the representative work of girl band anime, there is “K-ON!”, which was broadcasted in the first season of TV animation in 2009, and the movie was released in 2011.

At that time, Shimamura Musical Instruments received an increasing number of inquiries about guitars that were not often displayed in stores, such as the main character Mio Akiyama’s left-handed bass and the mustang used by Azusa Nakano, which had an impact on the composition of the products on display. Finally, it was said that it was enough to go out. Looking back on the boom, he said, ‘In addition, the composition ratio of female guitar purchases has increased (more than 5:5), and cute patterned items such as straps and cases have sold well.” After the anime “K-ON!” became a big hit, many viewers impulsively bought musical instruments and tried out in bands.

The person in charge said, “I don’t think there’s a band boom happening at the moment. Electric guitars and related equipment are selling well (and getting reactions), and bass and drums haven’t changed much.” explanation. On the other hand, “I think that the old guitar hero image was a mass of self-disclosure in a good way, but the main character of “Bocchi the Rock!” If they show us this, a new band boom may occur.”

The person in charge points out that the image of the guitar hero has changed due to the corona disaster. Band activities have become difficult, and the way to enjoy them after purchasing a guitar has diversified. He explained, “As the number of stay-at-home guitarists who focus on posting on YouTube and producing music has increased, the target of admiration is also changing.” “hair Ion! The main character, Yui Hirasawa, has a natural and warm atmosphere and a friendly personality that everyone loves.

On the other hand, Goto Hitori is a “shadow guitarist” who was on the verge of becoming a hikikomori to the extent that he would say “Ah” at the beginning of every conversation. She taught herself the guitar until she joined the band. Perhaps because she admires Hitori Goto, the number of applications for “Guitar Paisen,” a video distribution service for guitar beginners provided by Shimamura Musical Instruments, has more than doubled in an average month. While receiving encouragement from the character, she can practice the guitar and the anime theme song “Seishun Complex.”

The person in charge said, “While I’m glad that the band boom is rekindled, the more people who start playing the guitar, the more I want to say, ‘I want to reduce the number of people who get frustrated.’ I hope ‘Guitar Senpai’ will support the increased number of guitarists responding to the song.” (Various news, Kazuki Matsuda)

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