Who is the most ‘recommended’ female voice actor in 2022? Maaya Uchida, Kana Hanazawa, Saori Hayami. Acting, singing, and talking skills! Each person has their reason to recommend

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In 2022, many Anime will be broadcast, released, and distributed. So it was a year where I could enjoy a variety of works, including original, original, and overseas works.

Her animation sees the 1st to 5th rankings! Anime! Then, the annual [Anime! Anime! A general election was also held this year. In the [Voice Actor Category], which breathes life into the characters, looking back on 2022, the most impressive “Ichiban” played the main character, appeared in a topical work, and was active in various media such as TV programs and stage performances. Votes were collected separately for men and women for the “Voice actor who I think played an active role” and the “Voice actor who became a fan or personally recommended this year.” Between November 13th and December 12th, we received responses from 3,690 people.

The male-female ratio is about 20% male and about 80% female. The age group was mainly young, with about 40% under 19 and about 35% in their 20s. This article will announce the results of the “Most ‘Recommended’ Female Voice Actor.”

Voice actors who receive power are ranked in! 1st place goes to Maaya Uchida. With an approval rating of about 16%, she topped the “Most ‘recommended’ female voice actor” category for four years. In 2022, he appeared in everything from TV animation to movies, such as “Kinso no Vermeil-The magician on the edge of the cliff rushes through the strongest disaster and the magical world-” and “Movie Zannenai Kimono Encyclopedia.”

A reader commented, “For the role of Shinobu Miyake in ‘Urusei Yatsura, ‘I chose a cute girl as ‘Bocchi the Rock! I was fascinated by his diverse acting skills, such as playing the cool and tsundere store manager in the role of Seika Ijichi. In addition, the program MC of “Seiyuu to Yoasobi” is in its fourth year, and the 1st live is being revived.

I want to fall in love with two diseases!] Participated in the 10th-anniversary event. Listening to raw six flowers is tenage!”, “I recommend him because he always has a positive attitude at work. There are many baseball-related jobs, such as the first pitch ceremony, and even I, who was not familiar with baseball, came to watch the game.”

There are also voices saying they are getting to know a new world. “The dubbing of foreign films has increased dramatically this year! Maaya-chan’s excellent acting has become known to many people.

The first photo book will be released next February. I’m looking forward to it in the future.” 2nd Place went to Kana Hanazawa. Her approval rating was around 13 percent. She has been in charge of various works such as “Hakodume ~Koban Joshi no Counterattack~,” “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” and “Suzume no Toshimari.” Some fans were surprised at her wide range of roles, saying, “It’s amazing that not only the cute heroine but also the role of the mother and the character with two sides are all attractive.”

In addition, “I felt comfortable reading ‘100 minutes de masterpiece for teens'” and “I enjoyed the work in the intimate documentary on” Passion Tairiku, “There are a lot of points that can be recommended other than animation. In particular, she said, “The ‘Moonlight Magic” was wonderful,” “The artist photo of the new single “Dramatic JA Nakutemo” to be released next year is precious…” and “I am in the middle of listening to Mr. Hanazawa’s songs. In the song project CrosSing, I was moved by the fact that she sang the ED theme “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” of “Bakemonogatari”!” 3rd Place goes to Saori Hayami. Her approval rating was around 11 percent. This year, “Heike Monogatari,” “SPY×FAMILY,” and “Heroine Tarumono!” In charge of the main character in numerous titles such as ~Hateful Heroine and Secret Work~.

“I’ve always thought that he has a calm tone, but when I heard Yoru’s voice from ‘SPY x FAMILY,’ I fell in love with him even more.” Her solid acting ability, her voice with different facial expressions depending on the scene, her strong yet delicate singing ability, her playful side, and the unique illustrations she shows on radio and at events.

The more I know about her, the more I can recommend her!” Readers who say that they have become conspicuous. “This year, I sang the HoneyWorks MV’ Kawatte Gomen’ as Chutan, which went viral. In Nissin’s Donbei commercial, I played the role of Dongitsune. It was a year when I realized that new charm.” and “Almost every morning. Hayami-san is the personality of the radio program’ Memories & Discoveries’ that I’m listening to. As a result, even among the “recommended” female voice actors active in various fields are ranked. There were many comments that her range of hobbies expanded by chasing after her.

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