Rurubu ‘Yurucamp’ collaboration mook 3rd is a camp special, released in March.

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The third mook “Rurubu Yurucamp Camp BOOK,” which is a collaboration between “Yurucamp” and the travel information magazine “Rurubu,” will be released on March 9th.

The theme of this book is camping, and it covers all the knowledge that beginners need to start camping, such as necessary camping equipment, setting up a tent and how to make a fire, and recipes for camping meals. Illustrations of characters appearing in the manga “Yurucamp” are used abundantly.

An interview with Afro, the original author of “Yurucamp,” and Yuno Ohara, who played the role of Nadeshiko in the live-action drama version, will also be posted. It is 96 pages in AB size, and the price is 1375 yen (tax included).

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