‘Saint Warriors’ starts broadcasting in July Leiji Kawashima plays the lead role & Akio Otsuka, Tomoaki Maeno, and Daisuke Ono appear

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It has been revealed that the TV anime ” Saint Musou ~Salaryman, The Road to Survive in Another World~ ” is scheduled to start broadcasting in July, and the main cast and central staff have been revealed.

The work is based on a light novel that has sold over 2.5 million copies and is published by GC Novels. The story tells the story of Luciel, a 15-year-old boy reincarnated in another world with the talent of holy magic, growing as a healer while enduring harsh training at the adventurer’s guild.

Leiji Kawashima plays the role of the main character Luciel, Akio Otsuka plays the role of Brodo of the adventurer’s guild, Tomoaki Maeno plays the role of Gurugar, who is a werewolf and is the master of the cafeteria in the guild, and Daisuke Ono plays the role of Garba, Gurugar’s older brother.

The director is Masato Tamagawa of ” The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Revitalization Technique, “the series composition is Keiichiro Ochi, the character design is Oukokunen, and Yokohama Animation Lab and Cloud Hearts jointly handle the animation production.

“Saint Musou ~Salaryman, the Path to Survive in Another World~ ” will start broadcasting on TBS and BS11 in July.

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