Pretty Cure male character’s costume ‘exclusion’ is controversial Voice of disappointment spreading on the net ‘Reached to management.’

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Only the boy character “Cure Wing” costume was not prepared at the transformation corner of the event. From August 4th, the popular anime “Spreading Sky!” Pretty Cure” fan event “Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure Outing! Expanding World !”. Why weren’t there just outfits for boys? I asked the organizer of the event for details.

Cure Wing is the first main character of a boy in the Pretty Cure series. I’m a boy, so it’s okay.” the Cure Wing costume was not prepared at the transformation corner, and my son was disappointed. I am following the situation.

In the following post, the mother said, “I was the one who got angry when I saw that my heart was broken when my expectations were high, ‘Can I become a Pretty Cure?'”, As a more diverse way of being, the main boy Pretty Cure has just appeared at the 20th-anniversary milestone, so I don’t understand why the toy maker that sells the costumes can’t handle it yet. Still, it doesn’t hurt a boy’s heart full of hope. I want the things I wanted to be delivered to great people,” he said.

The organizer of the event, “Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure! Exploring the World!” Executive Committee told ENCOUNT, “The costumes used in this Narikiri Photo Studio are commercially available from Bandai. First, there are only three types of sales development, and Cure Wing costumes are not commercially available.

In addition, the costumes used in the Narikiri photo studio are not provided but are available in the form of purchasing commercially available ones. We can’t do anything about it on our side. Of course, we will pass on the opinions received from our customers to our special sponsor, Bandai.”

The series of posts became a hot topic, with 19,000 reposts (retweets) and 78,000 “likes” collected. “I want this to reach the management. I hope my son’s feelings will be rewarded…” “I’m one of the people who was disappointed on the weekend. I’m a girl, but I’m a fan of Wing.

There is no sale even if it is sold… I went to Ikebukuro with faint expectations, but as expected, it was a big mess.” I’ve never seen one before… doesn’t it exist? As expected, this is a complete fault…The concept that even boys can become Pretty Cure is perfect. There are many voices of sympathy, such as “I’m falling apart. “

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