Netflix anime ‘Akuma-kun’ to start distribution on November 9. Hiro Shimono and others decided to appear, notice PV & visual release.

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It has been decided that the utterly new anime ” Akuma-kun ” will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix from November 9th. Hiroshi Shimono, Michiyo Yanagisawa, and Yusaku Yara have also been revealed, and a trailer PV and new visuals have been released.

The original is the representative work of the late Shigeru Mizuki, along with ” Gegege no Kitaro.” In the Netflix version, Ichiro Ureki (CV: Yuki Kaji ), a genius boy who happens to be once in 10,000 years, owns the Millennium Research Institute, where strange requests come in. His partner Mephisto III ( Toshio Furukawa) ) and a strange detective buddy story that chases the mystery of his origin while challenging a mysterious case is drawn. The general director is Junichi Sato, who was the series director for the 1989 TV anime version of ” Akuma-kun.”

Shimono plays the role of Starfire, a mysterious being with red wings that is said to be related to Akuma-kun ‘s childhood, and Yanagisawa is the younger sister of Shingo Ureki, the first Akuma-kun, the wife of Mephisto II and the mother of the third generation. Etsuko Bureki plays the role of Satan, and Yara is called the devil among devils. Yanagisawa will continue to play the same function as the 1989 version. In the 1989 version, Etsuko was an elementary school girl who fell in love with Mephisto II (Furukawa).

The PV starts with a meaningful line that Strofire calls out to Akuma-kun. Many mysterious incidents that Akuma-kun encounters and the people related to them are projected one after another. Akuma-kun, Mephisto III, and Strofire gather in the new visual. In the 1989 version, the “invisible school,” the base of the first-generation Akuma- kun, is drawn in the background in a desolate state.

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