Qiang’s ‘child-making’ remarks are fascinating! The 4th season of the anime ‘Kingdom’ finally opens.

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The 4th series of the animation “Kingdom” (NHK), set in China during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, will start broadcasting from midnight on April 9. From the first episode, “Seven Kingdoms after the War,” the heroin-like Qiang gives off suspicious lines, inviting viewers to burst into laughter.

Set in Qin in the 3rd century BC, this story depicts a young swordfighter, Shin, aiming to become a “general in the world.” In the 4th series, Shin was recognized for his success in the battle over “Hangu Pass” and was promoted to 3,000 generals.

In addition, the deputy chief Qiang, who had been temporarily withdrawn, has returned to the “Hishintai”. Qiang talks about “two dreams” while the surroundings are booming. The first is to aim for a general, just like Shin. And the second dream was to “give birth to your child”.

Thank you for watching the TV anime” #Kingdom” episode 12, “? Phosphorus Army Assault”! Please look forward to next week !!

TV anime “Kingdom” 4th series: Weekly (Sat) 24: 00-NHK General TV! (@kingdom_animePR) June 20, 2021

The 4th series in which “child-making” remarks popped out from the first episode. It was a famous scene that also existed in the original, but the impact was further strengthened by having a voice in the animation.

Fans on the net said, “Qiang? Bomb! I will give birth to your child (laughs) >> << Bomb remarks by pure Qiang? 》 《Qiang?’ S “Bring your child” comes from the first episode … www》 《The long-awaited “Bring your child” Kita —! 》 It is natural that it was exciting.

Cool narration and Tsukkomi
In addition to Qiang’s bomb remark, he did not know how to make a child. When asked how to make it, He Liao Diao, a warrior of the “Flying Corps”, said, “I’m sure that if you team up with a strong man and climb a high mountain to” explode “something, you’ll be a child. I’m going to receive it. “

After that, he heard from He Liao Diao how to make a child, and Qiang escaped while blushing. In the narration, “Qiang, who knew more about child-making, said he avoided faith for a while,” he explained earnestly. With a serious voice and content that is contrary to it, “Stop narrating with a serious tone www” “Warota talking with narration” “I’m calmly saying something out of the ordinary! 》 And many people put in Tsukkomi.

In the 3rd series, the fierce battle in “Hangu Pass” was depicted, and “Kingdom” created a “dark” atmosphere from beginning to end. Since there were no scenes like everyday times, Qiang’s sword was a very smiley act.

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