Anime ‘Jajin-chan’ sequel OVA production decision Kurafan collects 30 million yen in 35 minutes.

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It has been decided that an OVA will be produced as a  sequel to the TV anime “Dropkick on My Devil.”

The official Twitter account states, “In 35 minutes from the start of crowdfunding, we exceeded 30 million yen! As a result, the production of the anime sequel (OVA) has been decided! Thank you very much!”

The work is based on a web manga serialized in “COMIC Meteor” since April 25, 2012. It is a cohabitation between the devil of the demon world, commonly known as “Yamagami-chan,” and a female college student with a black heart, “Yurine Hanazono.” Life comedy. TV animation started broadcasting in 2018 and was published until the third period.

In addition, the Furano City Council’s Special Committee for the Review of Accounts this month decided that the city had solicited production costs through hometown tax donations, and some of the content of the Furano-hen animation that aired this summer was inappropriate. It was a work that became a hot topic, with comments such as “Are you serious?” However, at the plenary session held today on the 30th, it was approved by the chairman’s decision after the approval and disapproval were equal, 8 to 8.

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