‘SPY x FAMILY’ Anime official celebrates the birthday of Anya’s voice actor. They posted by himself.

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Voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki, who voices Anya in the TV anime “SPY×FAMILY,” celebrated her birthday on September 27th.

On September 27th, the official Twitter account of the TV anime ” SPY×FAMILY ” (Spy Family) posted a tweet celebrating the birthday of voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki, who plays the role of Anya. In response to this post, fans commented, “Happy birthday!”, “I love Anya’s voice,” and “I’m looking forward to the second season.”

“SPY x FAMILY” (Spy Family), whose second cour is scheduled to be broadcast in October. On the official Twitter account, “Today, September 27th, is the birthday of Atsumi Tanezaki, who plays the role of Anya. Congratulations on her birthday, Tanezaki-san.” did.

Mr. Tanezaki himself also updated Twitter on the 27th. Along with the video of his beloved cat Celeb, he said, “Good morning! There are a lot of congratulations. Thank you for your girlfriend. Ahhhh!” he expressed his gratitude.

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