TV Tokyo spring reorganization, animation ‘still aggressive’ 4.1 broadcast start ‘Jigoku Raku’ confidence ‘will be a topic.’

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On March 1st, TV Tokyo held a briefing session for the April term organization. With the anime “Hell Raku” (every Saturday from 11:00 pm to 11:30 pm) to start airing on April 1st, he confidently said, “It will become a hot topic.”

Too scary. God drawing of MAPPA! The released scene cut from “Jigokuraku” is based on the manga of the same name, serialized in the manga app “Shonen Jump+” since 2018. It is a ninjutsu romantic action drama set in the late Edo period.

“Gamaimaru,” who was feared as the strongest shinobi, was captured as a missing ninja, but from “Yamada Asaemon Sakiri,” who served as the beheading executioner, in the land rumored to be the Pure Land of Paradise, “Eternal Immortality.”

If you get it, you will be told that you will be acquitted. For the sake of his beloved wife, he accepts the terms and lands on the island but is blocked by murderers who seek freedom and mysterious monsters lurking on the island.

Daigo Hirayama, head of the programming department of the general programming department, said, “I have high expectations because of the high quality and the original (original) reputation. It will become a hot topic.” × FAMILY”.

The station’s reorganization catchphrase is “Redesigned ‘dramatic’ FRYDAY! TV Tokyo will continue to think ‘new.'”

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