‘Resident Evil RE 4’ latest information released!

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Parry with a knife. You can repel the enemy’s attack and break the opponent’s posture. In addition to evasion, it can also be used as a starting point for attacks. Even powerful chainsaw attacks can be repelled but cannot be activated when the durability value is zero = the knife is broken.

“Resident Evil RE: 4” is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2023 (Friday). In “Resident Evil Showcase | October 2022”, a lot of new information was released, including play videos, commentary by the producer, and the release of the latest trailer. Reservations are scheduled to start today.

Today, we will deliver the latest information in two parts. First of all, let’s introduce the details of the gameplay and the product lineup, which were revealed from the gameplay that will be unveiled for the first time.

“The pleasure of avoiding and defeating death.

While valuing the original work’s core, this work aims to reconstruct “Resident Evil 4” as a modern game with the latest technology and ideas. I want you to feel that quality.

Play videos and commentary by the producer!
Resident Evil Showcase | October 2022

Spooky places get creepier, and scary opponents even scarier.
The evolution of technology and new ideas further delve into the “intention” of the original work.
A play video opens the curtain from a dense and thick forest.

A forest is full of eerieness. A lonely quest begins.

A house nestled in an eerie forest

Enemies that should have dealt decisive damage attack. It’s a spine-chilling moment.

The house is getting darker and darker—the tension increases.

Ingrid Hannigan, An operator, is supporting United States Agents.

The village entrance can be said to be the symbol of the original and this work. Survival begins.

Action with more variety. The player’s strategy spreads further.
Shoot, flee, or face off in close-quarters combat. One of the essences of “Resident Evil 4” is that the player can choose a strategy from among many moves when facing an enemy. In this work, the number of activities that the player can take increases by expanding knife actions such as emergency avoidance and parry. Physical strength, remaining bullets, knife durability, and the player’s control skill. I want you to choose the best method according to the situation.

Aim and shoot. It’s a necessary action. Are you looking for a high-damage headshot? Are you going to break your posture by aiming for your legs?

Close combat can be activated at the time when the enemy’s posture is broken, such as by shooting the leg. A roundhouse kick can also involve nearby enemies.

Not only Leon’s but the enemy’s attacks are also diverse. If you are careless, you may be grappled from behind. On the other hand, if it can be successfully shaken off, it can be the starting point for a counterattack.

It is possible to do an emergency evasion with a knife when grappled by an enemy. In addition, the blade has a wide range of uses, such as killing enemies silently from behind and finishing off fallen enemies. In addition, both actions consume the durability value of the knife. Therefore, resource management is essential here as well.

Parry with a knife. You can repel the enemy’s attack and break the opponent’s posture. In addition to evasion, it can also be used as a starting point for attacks. Even powerful chainsaw attacks can be repelled but cannot be activated when the durability value is zero = the knife is broken.

Limited survival materials (resources). How you use it is the difference between life and death.
Weapons, bullets, and herbs essential for recovering physical strength are carried in an attached case. How to place what? Can’t you make a gap by combining or crafting? Limited space management is also essential for survival.

Attach the case to carry items. Again, how to use space effectively is critical. In addition, you can change the “colour” of the attaché case and add “charms” to the typewriter system. That is the exact location of this work. Customization seems to have a special effect.

In addition to combinations of herbs, this work allows crafting, such as bullets.

A merchant in a coat who sells weapons. You will meet him wherever he goes. In addition to buying and selling weapons and items, you can also modify weapons and barter items. Broken knives can also be repaired here.

“Resident Evil RE: 4” is scheduled to accept reservations today!
Reservations for “Resident Evil RE: 4” are expected to start sequentially from today, October 21 (Friday).
In addition to the regular version, a deluxe edition with DLC sets, such as additional costumes and weapons, will be released. In addition, the PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 versions will also have an exclusive collector’s edition that includes a packaged deluxe edition and a Leon figure, art book, soundtrack CD, etc.

Limited benefits will be presented to those who have made reservations or early purchases. So please create a reservation and get your favourite products. In addition, this work will be released with a CERO rating of Z (only for those aged 18 and over).

  • Limited benefits cannot be obtained through in-game play. Also, these DLCs may be sold at a later date.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition includes costumes “Leon/Ashley CASUAL” and “Leon/Ashley ROMANTIC”, costumes and filters “Leon HERO”, “Leon VILLAIN”, BGM change “Original Ver.”, and a special weapon “Sentinel Nine”. Additionally, “Skull Shaker”, Accessory “Leon Sunglasses (Sports)”, Treasure Map “Expansion”, and DLC to enjoy deeper gameplay are included.

collector’s edition

In addition to the deluxe edition, the collector’s edition is a luxurious package that includes Leon’s figure, art book, unique map, and soundtrack CD in a cosmetic box that imitates an attaché case.
Pre-orders have started on Capcom’s official mail-order site, “E-Capcom”.

Attach case “Gold” and charm “Handgun ammo” that will be given when you reserve or purchase the regular version. Customization is possible where the typewriter is.

Pre-orders and early purchases of the Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition will also receive a limited edition attache case “Classic” and a charm “Herb (green)”. In addition, special effects can be obtained by customizing the attached case.

For any product, those who pre-order the download version from the PlayStation Store will receive an additional mini soundtrack.

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